What else do you get at gas station?

Mar 12, 2015
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Back to normal now. So, if I stop at shell station in korning I get a medium black coffee and that’s it. What do you folks get if you stop for gas?

Thank You all 😍🇨🇦🇺🇸
Nothing for me 99% of the time. If I'm hungry or thirsty, I wait until I get home or to a restaurant, not that the food is any good for you in the first place. If I expect to be away for the day, I bring something to eat or drink in the car.
When I used to smoke I would go in for a pack of cigarettes. But now I usually don’t go in at all, but if I do it’s for a snack and a bottle of chocolate Nesquik 😋
I avoid purchasing things other than fuel at gas stations with convenience stores. Prices are too high for my liking, lots of tricks played in their "buy two for XX, and I don't like stores that charge such inflated prices they no longer display the price of the processed food product they are selling.
If you stop of fuel in West Memphis, AR you might "get" all sorts of things from the female... uh... "fuel pump and parking attendants"
I really rarely buy anything from a gas station other than fuel. Maybe on a road trip , a snack but that's it. I don't drink soda.
Likewise, although in such a situation I may grab an unsweetened tea or mineral water along with the snack, which more often than not is a small bag of spicy Doritos or some kind of spicy potato chip.
Long time ago before there was GPS and I was away from home and my wife wasn't riding shotgun,


I couldn't spell convenience store, and spell check would not auto correct, so I did a quick google search.

This is a picture that came up. That young man is going to have an interesting stomach later that night.

There is a station near my house that I use to frequent often. It was owned by a private owner who had several stations. About a year ago he sold out and retired. Let's just say the new owner has made his mark of change on that station location.

Inside it could double as a packaged liquor store if you did not know it was associated with a gas station. The previous owner kept the lot and driveways clean and all the lights and pumps were maintained very well indeed. Nowadays lots of the lights outside do not work, and the driveway and pumps are .......well not maintained at all.....dispensers are filthy and always out of receipt paper.

Needless to say they have lost my business.
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I drive a lot (taking very frequent weekend trips all around the midwest, and longer ones outside of the region when I can), so I eat plenty of gas station food (and drink lots of gas station beverages)... a few frequent/favorite purchases are below:

-Casey's pizza - their pepperoni is very good, and I love their bacon breakfast pizza. I like the convenience of grabbing a slice of it for a few bucks while filling up. It's a good snack-meal hybrid for when I'm not particularly hungry

-Kwik Trip bananas/donuts/string cheese; also, their hot spot food items are pretty good, particularly their cheap chicken sandwich with cheese)

-coffee - I usually go for a house blend with a splash of French vanilla creamer, and have formed an association of the flavors of gas station coffee with road trips and adventure, so there's something of a positive feedback loop present there

-random snacks from any gas station (things like those orange peanut butter/cheese crackers, trail mix, chocolate milk, maybe the odd candy bar or bag of chips) - buying these usually means I failed to pack more stable snacks, as I try and bring an assortment of granola bars/fruit snacks/fruit/trail mix, etc. on any drives over a few hours

Due to a bunch of busy weekend trips back to back, I bought the Camry 17 tanks of gas in September this year (thanks, credit card purchase analyzer). I keep water and some more stable snacks in the car, so don't usually need to buy those, but do end up grabbing some combination of the above pretty frequently. I also use Kwik Trip as a primary grocery store option - their butter/bread/milk/eggs/bananas/potatoes/onions tend to be the cheapest in town, and they're easy to use for a small shopping trip.
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Allegedly, sushi at some. "Gas station sushi" is a running joke for really questionable convenience food.
There is this tiny Mexican place inside a Shell station I often stop at on the way home from the Baltimore auction for great street tacos. I never get gas, though.

There is this tiny Mexican place inside a Shell station I often stop at on the way home from the Baltimore auction for great street tacos. I never get gas, though.

Great pictures of their food on their web-site. Didn't expect that. I would definitely stop to try their food.
I just buy fuel and maybe a Slurpee.

My BIL's ex-baby momma will stop at Speedway and buy smokes, chips, vape carts and Red Bull (🤮). Everytime she gets in the car whether they need fuel or not. She'd grocery shop there if she could.