What are you thankful for?

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
I’ll start. I’m very thankful for my stepfather who along with Astro14 has taught me way more than I ever thought about aviation. Very thankful for my brother and sister in law and nephews and all of my family; even the BITOG family. I enjoy doing filter cut and posts. I’m also thankful to have numerous friends I still talk to from the Armed Forces. What are you folks thankful for? Have a great Thanksgiving BITOGERS 🇺🇸🇨🇦👍😍
More than anything, I am thankful for family. That is most precious to me. I am thankful for the beauty of the earth, all that is around us. I am thankful for wonderful technology that, among so many other things, makes it possible to associate with all of you here on BITOG, and be able to learn so much. I am thankful for the opportunity that my career gave me, to be able to earn a living for my family, and plan and prepare for my retirement, that I enjoy so much.

And so much more.

'53 Stude, thanks for starting this thread. It is great to see what others are thankful for, and to be able to share what I am thankful for.
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I’m thankful for the things that for most of the year I take for granted.
I’m thankful for everything in my life truly. Especially my parents who put up with me even when they shouldn’t lol. They have always been there when I needed them and always helped me when I get in a hard spot like spending all my money on license plates and tools. They were ready to kick my butt for that but they gave me money instead and told me I have to pay a little bit back whenever I could and used it as a teaching experience to teach me they have been there before and don’t want me to keep doing it. They basically still do everything for me like pay my phone bill, don’t charge me anything for anything. The only thing I pay is my part of the insurance. I could not be more grateful for that. When my mom was growing up she had to pay rent at 18 and didn’t get anything unless she could pay for it. I’m really thankful she sees things in a different way and isn’t like that. Sometimes we have disagreements or get upset at each other but that’s just part of life that you have to work thru together. I’m also thankful for all my family regardless of who they are. And everything that I own and have. Like when I got my beetle I had some saved about half and asked my parents if they would help me with the rest and I could pay it back or work it off and so they helped me get it. So if not for them I wouldn’t of been able to get the Beetle and they knew how badly I wanted it and how much it meant to me. I’m one that I ask for very little and get a lot in return and I’m thankful for that and always will be. Truthfully the number of things I’m thankful for is countless. I will also always be thankful for my friends. In school I was that guy where I’d see someone sitting alone or knew that not many people wanted to hang out with them so I’d go up and try and make friends and almost all of those people are still my friends these days and always invite me to do things with them or think of me when they buy something and get me one too.
I'm thankful for direct-port nitrous... uh... injection, four-core intercoolers, an' ball-bearing turbos, and... um... titanium valve springs.

For me it’s BF Goodrich tires on my F-150 when I’m in the Florida Everglades.
Thankful that I’m not currently waiting for a clampdown.

Thankful we can slow the loss of rights

Thankful for the close calls that woke me up

Thankful for my wife and whole family and the success granted to us.

Thankful for Pickleball and the health to be able to play