What are you thankful for?

OH man, I share most of the sincere things already listed above. I attribute a big part of my thankfulness to living in the United States. I don't deny our mistakes of the past and hope that somehow we can grow less divisive regardless of individual beliefs. I pray for those around the entire world that experience great difficulties. Much has not changed about mankind over many millennia.
My health and overall perspective on life. There are endless things to be thankful for when you prioritize correctly, and I undestand that this means diffrerent things to different people.
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Thankful I am pretty healthy at 70 and able to work full time (my choice, I don't need the money). I forgot to retire at 65.

Thankful for my parents who bought me up well with everything I needed (not wanted) and had the means so I could get a college education.

Thankful I found my wife. It took awhile. Was not my first try. I call her my wonderful wife.

Thankful for two wonderful daughters and a super relationship with both.

Thankful I am a citizen of the USA. Hate lots of things, ***** a lot (since I vote I am entitled to *****). But it's one of the few countries I would want to live in.

Thankful I listened when he said "come to me".
I'm thankful for a wonderful wife and sons, a lovely daughter-in-law and grandchildren, good health, some true friends, a few skills to allow me to serve others, and faith in a loving creator.

I take none of this for granted.
I am thankful that I was young and stupid long before the invention of the cell phone video camera!

In a serious vein, I am blessed in more ways than I can count.