Transition from Minivan to bigger Mid-sized SUV

May 27, 2008
Parts Unknown
I am driving VW's all my life as private vehicles or fleet vehicles for my business, and would take it ANY time over anything Korean or Japanese.
Only reason why I have Toyota is minivan+AWD. If no AWD for me it stacks in same place with KIA, Honda, Chrysler. And yes, I would be driving Atlas now if space was not absolutely number 1 priority.
Atlas still drives good, regardless that is heavily tilted toward American market. VR6 has only one head, so spark plugs are breeze, plus has torque at much lower rpm's compared to counterparts from Asia. 2.0T is probably better option though. Lighter front end, more torque at lower rpms (1,600 peak to 5,000), and I think VW still offers APR tune and ability to keep warranty (300hp, 300lb-ft I think).
And it is better assembled than ANYTHING from Asia.
The APR Plus tune voids the warranty. But for the additional cost over Stage 1 87 AKI tune, you get a 3rd party warranty that is administered by APR for the duration of the powertrain warranty.