Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping


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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I have a lead on an original, single owner car in CA (original owner/all records/blue plates/etc.), sold by a 90yo.

It’s in middle of nowhere California. I’d very much consider a road trip back, like when I bought my 1982 300CD in Long Beach. However timing isn’t particularly good and weather runs the risk of being worse.

Thus I’m thinking of a half-adventure. Pick up the car, go somewhere, notionally hundreds of miles eastbound (which reduces shipping cost and lets me make a bit of an adventure), drop it off, fly home.

The major issue is this: I’ve come to realize that duck duck go absolutely sucks. The results are all stupid advertising and less than meaningful links, and after maybe 15 down they’re effectively irrelevant. Google is better, but still most results are brokers that just want you to call them for an unknown quote. That’s not helpful cause I don’t know where I’m going, and frankly don’t want to talk to some useless salesperson.

Does anyone know of a good car hauler that has terminal to terminal transport, and a good list of drop-off terminals? Apparently terminal to terminal is cheaper which is why brokers want to push the “convenience” of door to door. I’d rather reduce cost if it’s within a practical distance/cost by going to the terminals myself. Dropping it at a terminal lets me call the shots on drop-off, and not have to be concerned about a specific condition where someone is coming to a door to get the car and keys.

So, anyone have any recommendations?

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Cannot help on shipping, never done terminal to terminal, but if you can see Lassen Volcanic Park. Just East of Redding..fun drive around that area, some interesting towns and things to see; Lassen, Portola, the Cinder Cone, Keddie Wye, Truckee...
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Outta my range. I thought perhaps I might have been able to help. Oops.
Yeah it’s pretty far out of anyplace. I’m hoping I can find a terminal near SFO/LAX/LAS/PHX and just drive some of the way and ship it the rest. Denver or Reno or something like that would be ideal but I don’t want to chance the Rockies. So I think the best bet is a little southbound adventure then get as far East as I can over a long weeekend, to reduce shipping costs, and redeye home.

I need a terminal because if I do that I need to drop it on my time, not have to stay in CA for days waiting on a shipper to come pick up.

Unless there’s driveway space in Los Gatos ;)
I think they're more along the lines of door to door shipping, but I know A-1 Auto https://www.a1autotransport.com/ also does terminal shipping too. I've only used them once (they were cheapest door to door at the time) and didn't have any problems to speak of.