Super Tech change? New bottle? What supplier?

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I have worked, as a Manager, for various plants, food, motor oil, many manufacturing industries, other than cars, and know how their system works. It is so that, just in case a consumer has a complaint, and it ends up as a lawsuit, that the manufacturer knows where the product came from, such as its' production vat, the machine operator who filled the bottle, or whatever, and what plant produced it for the market, the date, and the time it was bottled.

That is how I know, of course companies can change their system at anytime, but usually management stays with the same old same old.

Most management lack leadership, creativity, ability to change with the market easily, and get stuck in a rut. That is why I left the "rut."
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Most management lack leadership, creativity, ability to change with the market easily, and get stuck in a rut.

Very very true.
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Look at the bottom of the bottle to see if there are numbers on the bottom of the bottle.

You have to find numbers that look like they were printed by an old dot matrix printer....then I can tell you where it was made, if here in Texas or somewhere else....

there has to be a set of numbers to identify the vat where it came from, the plant that bottled it, and the machine that actually was used to put the ingredient oil into that bottle...

here's whats on the new bottles..(in dot matrix )

9051320007 AM

looks new 2007???
Hmmm...just at Walmart an hour ago here in Iowa and they are all still SM on the bottles. This is getting wierder.
Should be more numbers...I went to Wally world in Austin and the same numbers except for the operator number were in dot matrix at the bottom part of the front label....That was off of their 5W-30 regular conventional oil in a blue bottle...

So it was bottled by Pennzoil. U002 gave it away and the time it was bottled. which was a 7 am in the morning.
yep i picked up a bottle for a pic i'll post tomarrow,needed to re fill my oil can.
,should be good oil for 5,000
Look at all the Dot Matrix numbers and write them down on some piece of paper..all the numbers from beginning to end then post them, and then you will know who bottled it.....correct numbers as you see it on the front of the blue bottle..close to the bottom
There should be a Dot Matrix number on the front of that Blue Bottle in the picture that is on this forum, so the number has to be either on the bottom of the bottle or along the side, left or right.....somewhere on that bottle....using a magnifier once you see the numbers, then post those numbers and i can decipher it for you
9 is the year; 5/13 is the date/7 am is the time it was put in the bottle, based upon the information you gave me. Lot number is the 2000.....

"0" would be the operator's number....
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If supertech synthetic is now the same oil as PP I'm gonna be a really happy camper!

Pretty sure you get a different Super Tech synthetic in Canada than we do in the states.

I know that all the stuff we get here is made by WPP. The stuff you get up there is probably Esso or Petro Canada.
Went to Wal-Mart today to get oil for the truck. The ST quart bottles look like the regular ones, not the rounded ones SL2 posted. Never seen those before. However, the now new I'm assuming 5 qt jugs look the exact same as the Motorcraft 5 qt jugs. The Motorcraft jug has little bumps on the handle, to fit your fingers so it doesn't slip out of your hand? Other than that, the exact same. The ST jugs were stamped WPP on the bottom, and the Motorcraft jugs were stamped with a large Q with Lee inside of it. All of the ST oil bottles, quarts and jugs, that I looked at (just started picking random ones up) were stamped WPP, including my 8qt jug of ST universal SAE30 motor oil.
in NH 5-20 and full syn is made by wpp and rest by mobil i believe...the dino ST jugs are just like Mobil clean and M1, caps are exact match
There are different manufacturers for the Wallyworld oils depending upon where you live.

The oil refineries produce the same types of gasoline, like unleaded, unleaded mid-range, and premium unleaded, and then they add the "special" ingredients after the delivery truck is filled, by adding the "additive" to the load the truck is carrying that then becomes a particular gasoline for delivery.

Example: Shell Oil Refinery puts gasoline into a truck for delivery to a Texaco station, well, that truck will get the "Special Techron" additive package put into it for delivery to the Texaco stations on its' route, maybe even go to a Chevron station with Techron.

Chevron Oil Refinery may produce gasoline for a Shell station in its' area, and will add the additive package to the delivery truck to be delivered to a Shell station.

The refiners have written contracts related to gasoline deliveries throughout the United States, so one refiner may produce gasoline for different named competitors, and the refiners make their money. Refining sometimes is not the most profitable part of the business, but there are times when it is a very profitable endeavor as prices per barrel go up.
Here's the new bottles that are in my WM all are SL except the 5w20 and the synthetics,all 5qt jugs are new bottles(SL) too..there's a few old and M1 looking bottles thrown in the mix too but most all are the new bottles shown bellow





and these are the only numbers on this bottle i don't see any more.all beginning with 9 that i looked at.


i noticed too most these bottles leak some,bad caping from factory? dunno
ok..In my opinion, based upon what I know about the system related to the numbers, here is the breakdown on that blue bottle:


9051220004 HW

Made 1/22/2009, Operator/Machine 05,Lot number 0004 at Plant HW

No time indicated when it was bottled.

I am basing it upon seeing the Dot Matrix numbers.
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