Super Tech change? New bottle? What supplier?

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Oct 3, 2006
North Carolina
I noticed new funky bottles on the shelves the other day.
Quart bottles of dino...

They sorta look like a Castrol syn bottle, but are not.

I was thinking that Mobil was supplying the dino before.
Is that correct?

Has that changed now?
Originally Posted By: 1999nick
Are these new bottles the ones reported to be marked SL instead of SM?

I have to look for these "new bottles" the next time I'm in WW. Looked a few days ago, and there was no change. 30wt.+ 5w30 and above look like MC5k bottles (XOM). 5w20 looks like old generic brand bottle with WPP on the bottom.
When I was in WM the other day I noticed some of the ST oils were in clear bottles closely resembling the new QS bottles. Not sure if it was the regular dino or synth version. I don't use ST oil so I didn't pay real close attention.
Somewhere on the web I have seen a list of plant numbers. By looking on the bottle bottom I think and comparing with the list you can see exactly which plant the oil came from.
There have been a bunch of these threads. There needs to be one made strictly for the purpose of tracking ST manufacturers across the country, and that thread should be stickied. Otherwise every 3 months somebody who wasn't here for the last round of discussion will get confused.

I would say use the search function, but we all know it's useless.
Originally Posted By: SL2
Dont think any change here, Still have the blue bottles...



That's the one I was thinking was exxon mobil made...

But that's not what we have here anymore.
Still a blue bottle, but a new weird one....
You talkin syn = Warren Packaging? STill? Guess you would be bc why would there be any undue interest over the EoM conventional other than a killer price. Gee, just exxon red tiger is about a 2.50/qt not on sale. A good conventional IMO.
Look at the bottom of the bottle to see if there are numbers on the bottom of the bottle.

You have to find numbers that look like they were printed by an old dot matrix printer....then I can tell you where it was made, if here in Texas or somewhere else....

there has to be a set of numbers to identify the vat where it came from, the plant that bottled it, and the machine that actually was used to put the ingredient oil into that bottle...
My Supertech 5w-30 Full Synthetic states the following:


Pennzoil Platinum Bottle 5W-30 Full Synthetic states the following:

0010065263U002 11:58 12228

So using those numbers, let me tell you who made Supertech 5W-30

00100 is the oil lot number....

77922 is the operator of the machine

U002 is the machine number itself 03029 is the date 3/2/09 when bottled. 11:03 was when it was bottled....Syntech Oil

Now Platinum:


65263 is the operator; U002 is the machine number itself; Time 11:58; Date 12/22/08

Both were bottled in a Pennzoil Plant here in Texas.
Please look for the numbers on the bottom or on the edges of the bottles to find those numbers, and I can tell you who made it. There has to be DOT MATRIX Numbers on that bottle somewhere to identify the oil vat it came out of, the plant, the operator, the date, and the time it was bottled somewhere on that bottle.
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