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Mar 5, 2003
Schaeffer's is a rather unusual oil company that mainly seems to sell to large accounts. Tim Mills, a Schaeffer distributor, will sell small amount to customers, however. There are some other companies that you don't hear much about that mainly sell to large accounts, such as Lubrication Engineer's.

Schaeffer's 7000 blend is cheaper then Mobil 1 (about $3.00 a quart) but of course you have to pay for shipping. There is considerable evidence (check the UOAs-do a search) that Schaeffer's is outstanding in reducing wear. Schaeffer's meets or exceeds all requirements and I believe that it also meets ACEA A3 European requirements, which is very unusual for an American motor oil in the USA.

Schaeffer's is used in auto racing to some extent and I came across a web site where a guy said that he saw Schaeffer's oil being used by a race team (probably the synthetic Schaeffer's). There might be some other brand name written on the side of the racing car.
Maybe if Bob sees enough interest by us "little guys" on this site he can make input to HQ to our advantage in the way Schaeffers markets their oil. In reality, there would no doubt have to be a larger potential "small-guy market base" than just us fanatics to make it worthwhile for Schaeffers to change their business model.
Tony Kimmell, it is kind of a hassle to order motor oil to be sent to you. But I have used Schaeffer's Oil and it is really good stuff. Without the hangups of some of these other motor oils. I had a really good UOA with Schaeffer's and that was two 12 hour drives, Arizona heat in (June or July-can't remember what month I went), mountain driving, driving on some bad roads, and even a dust storm while driving across the Navajo Nation Indian Reservation. 5W-30 weight oil in the summertime.
If you have an order over 250 bucks (surprisingly easy, considering the many excellent schaeffers products), and order case quantities, you can order without shipping costs.
But Joe Sixpack can order from Tim Mills. You can order a case of 5W-30 Schaeffer's blend and it arrives in just a few days. 12 quarts of motor oil that for all practical purposes probably cannot be beat.

I guess, then, I'll just have to keep using GC...bummer
That is true. But Tim is cool to work with. Tony Kimmell, the choice is yours. One 5 qt. jug of Mobil 1 for about $20.00 or a case of Schaeffer's Oil with 12 qts. for about twice the price of that jug of Mobil 1. If your vehicle uses 4 qts. of oil you could do 3 oil changes with the Schaeffer's. If your vehicle uses 5 qts. of oil you could still do 2 oil changes with the Schaeffer's with 2 qts. left over in case you need to add oil or to save for the next oil change. Pretty soon it adds up-and the Mobil 1 becomes more expensive. And the Schaeffer's is probably just as good.
I'm in Chicago and my cost with shipping is right around $4.00 per qt.That is the same as a Kmart sale for M1 recently.
I want to use Schaffers oil for winter in 2 of 4 vehicles be cause of the HT/HS numbers are better than M1.
I use a few Schaffers products and it bites having to get things mail order.
But I really like their products and I am waiting for upcoming oil changes to use their oil in a Toyota oil muncher.I might even do a UOA

Tony, get a car nut buddy or two to split an order and as sbc305gearhead says, it's not too hard to put together a $250 order from a site sponsor. Price is pretty good and no shipping charges.

Motor oils, gear oils and a big old case of #131 Neutra!

All shipments are drop-shipped from Missouri so just call a site sponsor with your order. The location of the sales rep is not an issue.

--- Bror Jace

Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX:
Paul S.,

Schaeffers' isn't interested in the least in selling to Joe Sixpack. It's what drives guys like Bob crazy.

I don't know where you get your facts from, but if this was true, it would be a mistake. Sure, they won't go down in flames because they don't sell to joe six pack....but if they did, think of the revenues.
I know of someone who hasn't tried this oil due to local un-availability......Me!
I've been hearing more and more about Schaeffers (sp?) oil on this site... but I have yet to find any place around here that carries it. Anyone know where this stuff can be had in central IL?

Well, my point was I'd rather not go to all the trouble of ordering it and having to pay for shipping to my door, when I can go into town and buy Mobil-1 much easier.

If Schaeffers is so good, then why don't they market their products more? (like sell them in auto parts stores). Same reason I don't buy Amsoil... if they insist on making it so difficult to get, then they must not be too worried about getting sales from me...

Just an opinion...

I started buying Schaeffers from Tim. His service is great and friendly. Shipping is prompt and the shipping costs to NJ add around $.73-$1.00 per quart. So the price of 2 cases of 5W-30 blend recently ordered cost me $4.00/quart. I was also able to order gear oil, tranny fluid, Penetro and Nuetra at the same time. For me to buy Mobil 1 it costs $4+/quart at one of those "buying" clubs or $4.50+/quart at a more convenient store. Besides the costs of driving there I have to pay 6% sales tax. With Tim there is no sales tax. So I save time and money.


I don't think I've dreamt this, but Bob himself has said Schaeffers' isn't interested in putting bucks behind the marketing and promotion necessary to make Schaeffer's a widely avilable oil.

PM Bob and find out. He could no longer advertise on this board as he was breaking a comapny rule.

I don't make this stuff up.
Dont know about everybody else but I prefer to order (anything). I just cant understand the people complaining about having to have something delivered to their door. You're on the computer anyway!

I don't know where you get your facts from, but if this was true, it would be a mistake.

Take it easy dude....I'm not accusing you of lying. I wrote what I wrote because I don't know if you work for Schaeffer's or any case, what I said still holds true.....they might ok without reaching out to everyone, but the consequenses of such attitude is money (big money) not made.
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