Roadtrip in our 18 CRV

Aug 22, 2009
Pittsburgh,PA U.S.A.
With my 2016 with the 2.4 L if eco is off the vehicles speed reduce significantly if you let off the throttle.

With Eco on the car seems to Glide better and not reduce speed anywhere near as much when you let off the throttle.

I don't know if the newer models with the 1.5 L Turbo and the CVT that is tuned to higher revolutions will do this also but this is what the 2.4 with its CVT does.


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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
I didn't read the link above but I am 100% confident it does more than that. It changes the throttle position %, it reduces the AC compressor usage (shorter cycles maybe ??), even something related to the alternator, as I recall from the owner's manual.
It does that sort of thing and biases more to battery use on my accord hybrid. Each vehicle is likely different.

On our recent road trip I saw as high as 29.7MPG from sustained driving in the odyssey. It doesn’t have an Econ button, but I use the mpg meter as my guide.
Mar 6, 2019
I just started using Econ in my 2013 and it does in fact increase my MPG by a couple. When I bought the car new I never noticed a difference but now with 116k miles I can easily see the difference. My wife is also using Econ in her 2022 and we’ve been able to see an increase in MPG’s as well.


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Dec 23, 2020
Here's the final tally on our road trip:
vacation gas mileage.jpg

Coming back east had a lot of elevation drop which helped raise the mileage a bit. Our best tank was 36.1 MPG which took place going east in NM and TX. It was a great trip and much needed vacation time for our family!

As for the oil level, I did check it in our garage yesterday and it does seem to have gone up. Either that, or I put more than I thought when I filled it and now that it's getting darker and easier to see on the dipstick, it's becoming more obvious. I hate the orange plastic on the end of this dipstick. It's almost impossible to see the oil level with clean oil, and even hard to tell the level on dirty oil.

BTW, the gas mileage as measured at the pump came out to 32.6 MPG.