Red Line 0W-xx oils

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Jan 14, 2009
St. Paul, Minnesota
Does anyone have any info as to what is the difference in base oils, additive packages, VI enhancers, etc. between the RL 0W-xx oils and the regular RL oils (say 5W-20 or 5W-30)? I can see the differences on their PDSs, but not much else. Info seems to be very sketchy on these new RL oils. Any VOAs or UOAs yet?
Assumed more PAO to lower the PP. Lower HT/HS, which should translate to more mpg. Otherwise, same oils generally.
Originally Posted By: Johnny
Best bet is to call Red Line and talk to Dave. He will give you honest answers.

I did just that and here is his reply:

"The 0W30 uses a sheer stable thickener to achieve the broad viscosity, the 5W30 doesn't need that but uses a blend of base stocks to achieve it's broad viscosity range.

Regards, Dave
Red Line Oil"
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