Post your latest oil change

Son's vehicle. . . .
2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, 2.0T
ODO: 75,138 miles
OCI 2674 miles, 6 months (blame COVID; normally he hits the OCI mileage well before the date limit).
OUT: Supertech 5w-30 synthetic, API SN, OEM filter
IN: Castrol GTX Magnatec 5w-30 synthetic, API SP, OEM filter
No makeup oil over the OCI

NOTES: This oil was last changed in October 2020. Although it was a low mileage OCI, I suspect a lot of idling / warm-ups / short trips occurred over the course of the winter. This oil had the strongest smell of gasoline of any used-oil in recent memory--it needed to be changed IMHO. Did him a favor and cleaned up his engine bay!


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I been using the OEM Subaru blue can, been thinking about switching to the Napa, or Wix....
Nothing but good things to say about the Wix/NAPA filters. We have driven Subarus forever and I've been using the (5)7055 filter on all our engines since around 2014 when we got our first non-EJ engine. Never have had the first problem, plus I have NAPA and Oreilly within 2-3 miles. Subaru dealer is 30 miles away.
Richmond, VA area
2018 VW Golf Sportwagen w/4Motion + DSG. IS38/Golf R turbo + Unitronic software + the bolt-on goodies. ~320 whp. E20-25 fuel over a lot of this interval. Several drag racing events and generally hard driving.

Out - 6qt Mobil 1 FS 0W40 + Mann filter + Corteco drain plug (UOA sample sent to BS today)
In - 6qt Quaker State Ultimate Durability Euro Fully Synthetic 5W40 + Mann filter + Corteco drain plug (VOA sample at BS)

Also flushing the brake fluid with some Motul RBF600 I have laying around. Rotated tires. New f/r wipers. New cabin filter. Ready for spring!

Filter/wipers/cabin filter/drain plug all go back to FCP Euro for a full refund using their 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Used Paypal to buy these items that are being returned so will use one of my 12 annual shipping refunds so 100% free for those items. Great deal.

In before itS A hoT AiR inTakE or thaT wiLL deSTRoy youR MAf or K&n aRe roCK CAtchERS :p

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Toronto, Canada
2009 Ford Fusion SE, 206000km

Out: 4L of a mix of assorted 5W20 conventional/blend oils I got on clearance and BeckArnley filter, ~5000km. About half a quart of oil consumption on this change.

In: 4.25L of Supertech FS 5W20, Wix 57203 filter. Gonna run this change out probably until October or November. Also did Air Filter and Transmission Drain and Fill at the same time.


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