PF 1177 to Motorcraft

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Mar 14, 2003
Nothern USA
OK I need a filter for my truck. LTvette gave me a great tip on ST 3950's still being on clearance at some wal-Marts, but I haven't found any yet.

As long as I could find the PF 1177's, I used nothing else. After they disappeared, I ignorantly used PH 3950's. Eventually I compared them to the ST and never went back. Now they are gone. Been using L 10193's, but I was disappointed to find little more media than a Fram has in the last one. I don't like their dome end bypass either. The ST 3953A's are much smaller and have a clicker bypass inthe dome end. Anybody have an oversize number for them? Champ suggests a PH 2856,

The old ST 3590's had a Motorcraft number on the box, but I can't find it now. It is a good sized filter with the M 20 thread and a bypass.
What does this filter fit?
I was at WM yesterday and they had a shelf of ST3950 filters on clearance. They were in the old style box, so I guess they never did move too many of them.
My 77 LUV. Cleaned the local one out long ago. They were the better ones with the thread end bypass. Kansas would be a bit of a drive. I did manage to hit an out of town one yesterday, but no luck.
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