Pennz Plat at Wal-Mart... new price point?

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Jan 8, 2006
Rochester, MN
My wife dragged me to WM last night
, so being a new compulsive BITOG reader... I went straight to the oil/lube section while she did whatever it was she needed to do. I was checking on price and weight availability of Maxlife Syn so that I could use the free rebate when I noticed a new lower price point on the PP quarts. It is priced on the shelf at $3.97, apparently a new price and not a sale. The 5 qt. jug was $18.97 which I believe is the same as it has been, so maybe they will come down also.

Could this be the beginning of a new pricing strategy by Pennzoil to chip away at M1? Hopefully it is and we'll see the lower price at all retailers (I don't like buying at WM). A lower price coupled with the early, postive results of this oil may make it a clear winner... at least at BITOG.
Yes -- this happened a few weeks ago. Others posted about it also. The 5w20 is usually wiped out at my Wally Worlds. I picked up a case from there, and one from Napa (on sale + $15 MC rebate).
I just got some Pennz Plat 5w-20 at Wally-World. UOA will be forthcoming in a few months. I just wish they'd put the 20 in 5 qt jugs too, or else pretty quick the Taurus is either going back to Motorcraft blend or a jug of M1 5w-30.
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