Ordering a Camaro in the next few days!

Congratulations- the Camaro SS offers a lot of performance for the money. And kudos for not buying a hole in the roof.
Very nice, that 10 speed is the Ford/GM joint unit. I have it in the Mustang, you will love it. Not like any other automatic.

Its a great time to be a car enthusiast with the technology available now and more affordable than ever. Better get a V8 while you can, they won't be around much longer.
Very nice, that 10 speed is the Ford/GM joint unit. I have it in the Mustang, you will love it. Not like any other automatic.

Its a great time to be a car enthusiast with the technology available now and more affordable than ever. Better get a V8 while you can, they won't be around much longer.

Yeah, I agree there! I hope they continue on with the muscle cars (Camaro, Mustang, Challenger...) at the very least. But no doubt they likely will go to electric/hybrid systems in the future, at some point. It just won't be the same. That sound with that idle rumble and roar of the exhaust on those V8's just make you feel good. I don't care if a Tesla will get me 0-60mph in a faster time, that doesn't really matter much to me. It's the entire package. You just know once you drive one, it just feels right.

Unfortunately the car market continues to get very homogenized. One reason I loved the Scion brand at the time, the quirky styling to what was offered. Today, it's basically like do you want a standard crossover, hybrid crossover, mini crossover, medium crossover, electric crossover? All 4-cylinders of some sort, MAYBE a V-6 in there. Don't forget the giant tablet infotainment center smack dab in the middle of your dash. Just horrid.

Off to the dealer tomorrow to get the deposit in and order placed for the 21' 2SS! Here's hoping it is delivered in a reasonable amount of time (6-8 weeks). Hoping to get at least a month or two before weather turns. Although, even here in Cleveland the past two winters have been practically non-existent until January and snow has been fairly minimal. Thanks global warming, I guess! :LOL:
I really like the new Camaro's. Excellent car, OP! I am sure you will love it. I've always been a fan of LSX based GM's, and owned a few myself. Nothing but love!
Just got back from the dealership... Deposit is down, order is in! He will keep me updated weekly on the status, expecting about 8 weeks give or take. Will advise the build week when they get it.

Went over the build list 3 times to ensure all was correct, had some good discussions about cars (my salesperson is a legit car person as well, which helps). Made the process very easy and enjoyable. Granted, no real negotiations as of yet, but I know what to expect and he seems willing to do whatever he can to get be the best pricing. Which of course, is based off incentives and such at the time of delivery. Plus trade in and all that.

The wait is on!
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The interior of the Camaro is its best feature imo. I love cars that have those interiors that wrap around you. That's how my 300ZX was. It felt like you were sitting in a cockpit that wrapped around you. The Camaro has excellent ergonomics. Congrats!
The interior of the Camaro is its best feature imo. I love cars that have those interiors that wrap around you. That's how my 300ZX was. It felt like you were sitting in a cockpit that wrapped around you. The Camaro has excellent ergonomics. Congrats!

Agreed! The interior really is phenomenal. No tablet infotainment, things are laid out clean and I love the cockpit aspect of it all. Some it may bother, but the dark cabin that just surrounds you is my favorite part! It just makes it feel so special. The SS seats, seating position and the ergonomics of the controls is just awesome. It really is a drivers car, that's for sure.
Are you getting the A10 or M6 transmission ?


I debated between the two, but ended up going the A10 route. I do live in Cleveland and often subject to traffic, lots of traffic lights, etc... A manual may have been fine for this one as it won't exactly be my DD, but I was so impressed with the A8/A10 variants I drove. Such crisp, firm shifts. Lightning quick. Even the 'manual' paddle shifters worked very well with minimal delay. At first I was weary of the AT due to past vehicles I had driven with 6-8 speeds hunting around, being sloppy and indecisive... But that isn't an issue with the Camaro! Wonderfully tuned.
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So here is a question fellow BITOG'ers...

What is the deal with the oil requirement in this? Looks like it requires dexos2 0W40 which seems to be hard to find? But looks like 5W30 is an option if not tracking the car, which appears to be the other dexos2 option which may be a bit easier to find. I won't be tracking the car.

Is this still the case or is the dexos2 0w40 option readily available in stores these days?

What does dexos2 offer that Pennzoil Platinum, Mobil1, etc... Not offer in terms of "oil"? Or is it simply a licensing deal that GM wants too much money for, so brands decide against it?

Haven't bought oil in quite some time, so not sure what is available these days. Just what I am reading online.
This week, my Camaro is being built according to my order/tracking. If all goes well, it may be at the dealer within 1-2 weeks after being completed. On pace to be 10-weeks order to delivery.

If all goes well with the purchase, first things first is swapping out the summer run-flats with something a bit more all-season (A/S 3+ most likely).

Getting closer!
Good looking car sir!! I too am not a fan of sunroofs. That Camaro should give you many trouble free miles. My uncle has always been a Chevy fan. He gave me a ride in his mid 90's Camaro with an LS engine in it. Holy Moly that thing handled like it was on rails!! When the back end came around you simply lifted off the pedal and stomped back on it to straighten it. I cannot even imagine what this new one is going to be like!!
I rented an ss convertible a year or two ago. Fun to drive but the visibility was an issue for me. I found the Mustang much more driver friendly. Mustang was only V6. Only got the ss up to about 100. So much fun to stomp the accelerator! Saw a new ss yesterday in the highway. It blew on by me and had a very throaty exhaust. Maybe that was the fancy exhaust you're mentioning. Looked really nice.
I found the Mustang much more driver friendly.

Yeah, it definitely has an interior that feels more "common" if you will, with larger windows and visibility is great all around. Feels like any other car, for the most part.

I personally didn't have any issue with the Camaro, but it does have a far more cockpit like interior with limited visibility. It was part of the reason I stepped up to the 2SS variant, in order to get the blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic detection and other aids... Among other things.

But the Camaro has a reputation of having an interior that is impossible to see out of, which I think is a bit extreme. Driving the Camaro for just 10-15 minutes I was used to it and had no issue on the freeway or back roads with lane changes, knowing what was around me, etc... And at 6'6" tall, I have about equal headroom and space as my Camry (note, without the sunroof!). But it's unique, for sure, and I can see the 'cockpit' being a bit polarizing.

As far as the exhaust, yeah, that's it. While the standard exhaust sound great as well, the dual-mode exhaust has internal dampens that will re-route the exhaust flow depending on the "drive mode" selected, such as touring, sport or track. Of course, Sport and Track being significantly louder due to the re-direction of exhaust gases through the system. But to me, the exhaust note and rumble of the Camaro SS is just addicting! I thought it sounded quite a bit better than the comparable Mustang 5.0, even the one I drove without the special exhaust add-on.

So yesterday, my car was built and the VIN was assigned! So now it just needs to hop on a truck and get to my dealer!! :giggle:
So this was unexpected... Two days from build to delivery... Got this from my salesperson at my dealer this morning!!

I will probably pick it up tomorrow or Friday, once I move some money around as I wasn't expected it so soon. Dealer still has to install the front splitter when it arrives in, but otherwise I can pick it up whenever I am ready.

Long story short... Had a Scion xB since 2007 and was going to drive it into the ground... Was at about 150K, paid off for years, when I was rear ended and totaled it. Bent frame, no chance at saving it. Thankfully, no injuries to all involved (driver who hit me had his 90 year old grandmother as a passenger, he got distracted...). I ended up going into someone in front of me and all that fun stuff.

I needed a car quick for work, so I ended up with a 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE (my brother works at Toyota at a sales manager, was able to get me a great lease and all that jazz). Unfortunately, even before my xB was totaled, I was looking for my next car. But I really, seriously, didn't like much of anything being offered by anyone. So I just stuck with the trusty xB!

Anyway, as nice as the Camry is, I have no intention to keep it once the lease is over, or I trade it in for something else. About six weeks ago, I decided to check out some of the only cars that really interested me, but I never really considered due to practicality... The Camaro and Mustang.

Started looking for used, so I went to see a few Camaro's (SS and 2SS) nearby to test drive. First, was the SS and I was kind of in awe after my first drive with it. The sound, the power, how it handled around corners, it was so planted and felt so right. The cabin was a shock at first, being so cockpit like, but I really came to dig that, quick. The xB had a quirky, dark interior... I loved it. This one amps it up even more. It has some hefty blind spots, but I am a super aware driver with what's around me and with properly adjusted mirrors and simply paying attention, no issue.

A week later, found a 2019 Mustang 5.0 available to drive, so off we went. The cabin was way brighter, far more "normal". While the engine and all felt great, I just really actually hated the interior. There is nothing special about it, no character. Boring. But the car itself was still great otherwise, but the Camaro still felt more impressive tome, especially relative to the suspension, the deep rumble of that V8 and NPP exhaust, exterior appearance, interior... I made an appointment to drive another Camaro (used 2SS) immediately after our mustang drive, so I was able to test them back-to-back and check out the 2SS trim.

Well, after a thirty minute drive in the 2SS, that was it. This is the car I want, the trim I want. Adding the blind spot monitoring, ventilated leather seats and the other upgrades from the SS, plus everything else I love about the Camaro. I was sold... Except, the sunroof. The SS driven had no sunroof and I had equivalent headroom as my Camry. I am 6'5" mind you, so that is pretty important. Adding a sunroof in the Camaro cuts an inch or two from my available headspace, so while my head wasn't exactly hitting it, it was really, really close and over some bumps and such, I was brushing up against it. So that led me to my one requirement, no sunroof.

Thing is, most people love sunroofs. I never been a fan, but with the other options I require (NPP dual mode exhaust and magnetic ride control), not a single used or new one exists in the US. Literally. The ones that do, have sunroofs.

So basically, I am left to order one in. My brother contacted one of his manager friends at a Chevy dealership and currently wrapping up everything on my order. Should be in within the next few days. They will be taking over my remaining lease/buyout free and clear, so I won't owe anything to trade that in early. The lease was up October of 2021.

2020/2021 Camaro 2SS in black, jet black interior, black wheels, NPP exhaust, magnetic ride control, front fascia extension and cold air intake. Debating on red calipers or not (or leaving dark grey stock), but all else is set to go! As much as I like the blue they offer, and white isn't bad, black has always been my go-to. Plenty of experience detailing my xB which was black, so I know what I am up for care wise. This car won't be driven in winter though and only taken out when weather is decent for the most part, so it won't be as much upkeep.

Looks like the wait will be about 8-10 weeks, depending on what happens with COVID, shutdowns, etc... But I am looking forward to some fall drives through the park systems here once it gets delivered! In the winter, we have a 2010 Mazda 3 for that... Which will become our new beater when the girlfriend picks out something next Spring for herself (she surprisingly is interested in the Challenger...), so we will be scanning for some used inventory come Spring and test driving to see if she likes it.

Really excited though. I finally found something that I really like, inside and out. It's not the most practical, but whatever. I love to drive and this excites me... Even the girlfriend/wifey is excited for it!

Nice looking car. I had a rental with the V8 for a day and my back was killing me while sitting in it. I'm 6'2" with a long back. I mean it hurt constantly.