Ordering a Camaro in the next few days!

I personally wouldn't go "lower" than a V6 for this type of car, but again that is me. It seems those who go for the 4, wish they got the V6... Those who get the V6, wish they went up to the V8.

I'd go try to find and drive both to see which you like better!
I don't live in the south, I am in the midwest. Either way, no issue with the AC when tested on a 90 degree day. It was black, too.

As far as transmission, it will be the 10 speed AT.

White was my second color option, it looks amazing with the smoked tails and dark wheels and accents. But, black just won me over. White is so nice for keeping clean... My camry is super white, love how easy it is, compared to black especially.

Thanks everyone! Will keep updated on progress/delivery for sure.
bro get a manual, very nice
bro get a manual, very nice

I ended up with the 10-speed and have -zero- regrets. This transmission is off the hook, it’s unlike anything else I have driven. It’s insanely responsive and it feels ‘alive’. By that, I mean when you start to push the car more by cornering or acceleration, it will automatically go into performance mode where it will downshift and hold to maximize power at whatever speed. You can also do this anytime by tapping the gas pedal quickly to the floor at any time. Going between touring/sport/track modes, it also changes the shift behavior depending on the feel/performance desired. In any mode, you can downshift at will with the paddle shifters whenever you want and take over control. If you hold it just a touch longer to downshift, it will drop as many gears necessary to maximize the power output (basically forcing into performance shift mode, like above). You can basically be as hands on (or off) as you wish, but not compromise performance in the least. It’s always there to do what you want and do it extremely well.

If you have not spent time with this transmission in this car, you can’t really judge. It’s a beast. While a 6-speed may have been ‘fun’ in certain situations, I am very happy I didn’t go that route at the end of the day. Sure, it may upset the ‘purists’ and only adding to the diminishing of MT’s in general, but times are changing and AT’s such as this completely dominate in the performance category. A computer can do things faster, better and smoother. In no way do I ever feel ‘disconnected’ from this car.

On an unrelated note since this topic got bumped back… I just hit 2,500 miles. Finally got the window tint done a few weeks back (35% sides, 20% rear with 3M colorstable). Really happy with the added privacy and look, adding to the whole blacked out thing going on. Couldn’t be more happy with my installer. Not a single bubble, piece of debris and edges are cut flawlessly.


Lets hope your 10 speed doesn't die, not sure how well these transmissions hold up.

Don't forget to change your atf regularly
Lets hope your 10 speed doesn't die, not sure how well these transmissions hold up.

Don't forget to change your atf regularly

Fairly certain these things are very robust (joint transmission shared between GM and Ford). Either way, I also have an extended warranty for anything that may come up long term through my insurance company, transmission included. So I am not worried about it.

The 8-speeds had known issues, the new 10-speeds have been problem-free that I have seen with both manufacturers.
Lets hope your 10 speed doesn't die, not sure how well these transmissions hold up.

Don't forget to change your atf regularly
It should be fine. The manuals are subject to clutches, synchros, and such repairs as well. Odds of the 10 speed breaking outside of warranty and before the 1st owner sells it are slim. Im guessing it wont cost more than $3k when that day may come. The camaro is light and not 4x4, so unless your bolting on drag radials every weekend its not stressed much due to traction.
Gm should put the new 6.6L truck engine and 6 speed 6L80E in the Camaro. Call it a 396 like the original 402.
A 5.3L V8 offering would be nice too, filling the gap between the 3.6L V6 and 6.2L V8.

A 4 door RWD V8 to pick up where the Pontiac G8 left off would be nice.