Oil for 2003 Toyota Matrix XR

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Nov 13, 2002
I got a toyota matrix this past weekend and I wanna get it on synthetic lubes. The recommended oil for this car is 5w30. What would be a good oil to stick with for 5k changes? Mobil1? This car has the 1ZZ-FE engine. --Matt
Based on some recent UOAs on here, I'd consider trying out Castrol Syntec blend if I were you! I honestly don't know how this oil does it, but the few reports we've seen on here recently all look good and this oil doesn't appear to thin out either, even in 5w30 form. It just showed a real good 5k report in a Toyota too. It almost appears as if Castrol's Syntec blend is better than their US made Syntec full synthetic! Of course, we'd need many more UOAs on both oils to come to this conclusion though. So for 3-5k drains, this might be another good alternative.
What kind of driving do you do? Short trips? Heavy bumper to bumper? Or mostly highway? How long is your commute?
I do about 50%(75-95mph) highway driving, about 25%(65-80mph) country road driving(good paved roads, I'm not crazy), and about 25% city driving. --Matt
Originally posted by mkosem: would M1 10w30 be better than M1 5w30?
I would stick with the 5w30, especially with winter on the horizon. For any OHC engine you want to make sure you've got a quick flow of oil to the top of the engine on a cold start.
I have pretty much the same engine in my 99 Corolla.I have used M1 5W30,Chevron 10W30,Havoline 5W30 and Exxon Superflo 5W30.I prefer the Exxon 5W30 with the Havoline being a close second.
Originally posted by mkosem: ok, M1 5w30 it is. or should I go 0w30? --Matt
M1 0w30 hasn't really proven itself very well on here, so I'd go with their 5w30 instead. Although at the same time, it would be nice to see more M1 0w30 UOAs too! [I dont know]
used havoline in my old toyota 22r...had 200k miles when I sold it in perfect running condition...but I did change it out at 3 to 4k miles..never did a uoa on it though....
..also, forgot to mention...my dad used castrol 10w30 blend in his gmc ....in pa. i changed it for him at the regular 3k interval and it looked like coal tar.....doesnt make it bad...but kind of turned me off....for what its worth...Ihave had good experiences with castrol regular dino though...you could probably take that to 5k without much problem.
Mobile1,AMsoil and Redline all do well in Toyotas but some accell in different areas better. FOr cold pumping dureing the winter you would be best served by Amsoil 5W30 or 10W30. For cost availability and good cost to performance ratio Mobil1 is excellent. For the best protection form sludge and wear in your Toyota Redline 5W30has been a top performer in most Toyota applications. I live just north of you and I am currently running Redline 5W40.
hmm, I think I can get Redline from summit racing. I find myself there about once a week for this or that. --Matt
I ended up putting in Mobil1 5w30 and a Mobil1 filter. I'm ordering a case of toyota filters and will likely continue to run regular 5k intervals of the M1 5w30. --Matt
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