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Dec 22, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
I just bought an 2002 Infiniti I35 3.5LV6 with 18,000 miles. My buddy talked me into using Amsoil. I bought the air filter, he also sold me: engine flush, 6 quarts of 5w-30 100% synthetic oil, and 2 oil filters.

My question is this, does the synthetic Amsoil actually stay good for 25,000 miles like they claim. Common sense says it sounds like a bunch of BS to me, especially since I live in Arizona and it is dusty. I don't know if I am comfortable waiting 12,500 miles or 6 months before changing just the oil filter and then adding a little more fresh oil to get the oil level correct.

They claim their oil filter can filter better than the average filter and their oil lasts way longer. But how can that be when you are sucking in crap through the air that in return gets in your motor oil. I would think that logically the oil filter would just get clogged up faster if it filtered better. I am confused on all their claims and of course I am ignorant when it comes to motor oil. Please enlighen me if my thinking is off because I really don't know that much and most of the posts on this forum are way over my head anyway.

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I use Amsoil in my F-350 7.3L PS and love it. I have 9,000 miles on this batch and the oil analysis numbers are really good.

There is a lot of hype about amsoil and their MLM way of doing business. But if you just look at the analysis numbers you see their product is actually very good.

Also, if you have been surfing this forum for awhile you will notice that the three amsoil dealers on here DO NOT overly push their product but support any product which would work for your vehicle. Plus those guys are very knowledgeable and by asking them not to respond you are cutting out some good info.


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Amsoil oil filters are made by baldwin (hastings) and use baldwin's HPG filter media. It is far superior to traditional cellulose filter media in just about every way, shape and form. I do not believe in a 25k run without analysis. Amsoil recommends changing the filter every 12.5k, and topping up as needed. I wouldn't run amsoil over 10k without analysis, but that is me.
I changed my post, since you said these Amsoil guys are decent. I just didn't want biased opinions, however, I guess they do know the most about their products.

Thanks for the info. so far guys. I didn't sign up for the oil analysis program so I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet with oil changes. 25,000 seems a little too long though, especially without the oil analysis.

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Originally posted by DBG:

If you are an AMSOIL DEALER or are affliated with this company in any way don't reply to this post. I don't want to hear your biased opinion. Everyone else please feel free to give your input. Thanks

Congratulations on your new car I am currently on my fourth Infiniti, love 'em. (, 12000 members).

But I ask you to reconsider you last paragraph, our AMSOIL reps here are informed,, pleasant and fair.

I do believe such an uncompromising rejection of their input is, frankly, in poor taste and I would ask you to make a conciliatory gesture towards them, if I was a Moderator here (which I am not).

As for the oil, I do believe high end lube stocks can last that long, but the issue of contaminants and to a lesser extent, additive depletion has to become significant at such extended drain intervals.

I run a premium synthetic as well (in town) and do 3000 to 4000 mile oil changes.
Even with premiuum oils, the cost of oil changes is small in the big picture, so I would agree with your intention, to change (much) earlier than the AMSOIL folks feel they can go.

Enjoy our site.

Thanks for the input...I changed my post regarding the Amsoil guys. I didn't mean it in a jerky way, but I guess I came across that way once re-read what I originally posted. Since I am just looking to learn as much as possible it is probably best to hear from everyone.

Oil analysis is key to extended drain intervals. Amsoil even states to change the filter and test the oil every 6,000 miles. I think once you have established the capability of the oil in your vehicle you can sample at greater intervals.
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DBG: I see you are in Arizona. How close are you to Scottsdale?
My good friend Greg, an Administartor in the fastest growing Nissaninfiniti site, lives in Scottsdale and there are meets there sometimes.


I live about 20 minutes from Scottsdale and I have been surfing around on that site and love it. They have meets there aye. That is pretty cool. What do they do at the meets?
Amsoil is a really good oil , probably the oil can do 6 months no problem and then go from there ,usually the first run with the oil won't show the wear as good due to the initial cleaning properties of the oil. It won't make your tires last longer or give you 3 miles per gallon .IMO you can't go wrong usung Amsoil.
Amsoil has proven itself on here, through used oil analysis, to be very good at running long intervals. But truth be told, 25,000 miles is stretching it, it's really only acheivable if you do a ton of highway driving. You need to go more by the time, which is why Amsoil says 25k or one year. Most people don't do 25k in a year.

The safest thing to do is start out with a 6000 mile interval first, then do used oil analysis to determine how much further you can push it on the second run. Then maybe try 10k on that one, and see how it goes. You might just find that 15-20k is possible, or maybe not. It depends entirely on your climate, driving habits and engine.
Maybe maybe not!
I have gotten a Dino to last longer, so maybe.
Is there a lot of HYPE? Yes there is, this is true! I'm not that up to speed on filters. A good oil will filter for you. A good oil will clean the engine, keep it cool, lubricated, etc etc etc
Unless you are into bypass, let the oil filter and change the factory filter once and awhile.


Originally posted by DBG:
My question is this, does the synthetic Amsoil actually stay good for 25,000 miles like they claim.
They claim their oil filter can filter better than the average filter and their oil lasts way longer.

So DBG, Is there any truth to the story concerning the timing belts on Infiniti engines? I've heard that if a timing belt breaks at speed, it spits the exhaust valves out the tailpipe. Have you heard any stories like that?
I did not know that the Infiniti I35 had a timing belt. Are you talking about all Infiniti's in general or about the same model I just bought? I thought that Infiniti's use timing chains, not belts?

I could be wrong and no I haven't heard of them breaking if they are belts. That 3.5L V6 motor that is in my infiniti is a very good motor and has won a lot of awards. How did you hear about this story? Did one of your friend's tell you, did you read it somewhere from a reliable source?

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The Infiniti I35 has the same engine as the 02-03 Nissan Maxima; the reliable and powerful VQ35. It uses a timing chain. I have owned a couple of Maximas (currently a 02 SE) and have done well with the following oils here in Florida; Amsoil ASL 5W30, Mobil 10W30 and Redline 5W30. Right now I am in the rinse phase of my Auto-Rx treatment and haven't decided if I will be using the Amsoil ASL 5w30 or the Redline 5w30. Decisions, decisions...


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I take care of oil and general maintenance on 3 Lexus (v8, i6, v6) and 2 Honda's (4 cyl and 6 cyl). I do oil analysis at 10,000 miles and have used both AMsoil 0-30 and 10-30 along with Amsoil or Balwin filters. In these vehicles, the Amsoil was always good at 10K. I will tell you the silicon was a little high, but not high enough to change the oil.

My recommendation is to change Amsoil oil and Amsoil filter at 10K. I believe that to be very, very, very safe.

I would only run it 5K on my initial change simply because after doing the flush you might get a lot of additional cleaning. I can't prove this. Just my speculation. After all, how dirty can a 18K engine be?

By sort of altering the mileage when I first start changing my oil, I end up with all the vehicles I take care of needing an oil change on the 10K mark, e.g., 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K, etc. Sure makes keeping up with things a lot easier. Especially, if the cars are in other people's driveways. Helps me on mine,too.

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Thanks for all the responses! This Oil Forum has been a very informative experience for me...I haven't decided exactly when I will drain that Amsoil just of yet, most likely I will drain it at 6 months. My reasoning is this, it is my wife's car and she drives about 60 miles a day max and probably won't come close to Amsoil's 12,500 mile mark in 6 months. She will put more like 8,000 miles on in 6 months at the most.

So I guess I will change the oil filter only after 6 months? I didn't pay extra for oil analysis, but maybe I should sign up. Does anyone know the details on that?

I have an extra quart of oil I bought for when I change the oil filter. At first I was a little skeptical about this whole Amsoil process, but every seems think this Amsoil stuff should be able to last. So I am feeling much better about the whole situation. We'll see what happens. Thanks again everyone for replying and have a Merry Christmas.

P.S. Palmerwmd

Thanks for the great info. on Infiniti's. I made it to the website that you recommended and it is awesome! Thx

Originally posted by JohnnyG:
So DBG, Is there any truth to the story concerning the timing belts on Infiniti engines? I've heard that if a timing belt breaks at speed, it spits the exhaust valves out the tailpipe. Have you heard any stories like that?

On timing belts in general, any car, that has an interference engine, will destroy said engine ( usually beyond economical repair) if the timing belt (or chain) breaks

The ONLY Infiniti's that have had issues regarding timing, are the 1990-1993 Q45's.

These cars have chains wich last 300k+, but the plastic guides can break and it is prudent to replace those after 80,000 to 100,000 miles (expensive so some dont do it, and many dont know about this either)
The factory came out with an improved guide design that will last as long as you need it to ( some have been examined after 200k miles and found as new)

Incidentally, MB S class, volvo and GM (Corvette ZR1) have had the exact same problem with some early 90's V8's excpet, they never offered the public an improved part like Infiniti did.

More information on this issue can be had via a search on, also known as NICO.


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