NAPA Pro Select filter price (Master Pack vs indivudualy boxed)

Dec 10, 2014
My local Napa store sells the Pro Select "Master Pack" automotive application spin on type oil filters (wrapped in plastic, no box) individually (approx. $3. 70 or so on average depending on filter) to walk in customers if you ask for them, as opposed to the individually boxed Pro Select oil filters that usually cost $1 or so more. You have to specifically ask for the Master Pack version. I do realize that similar filters are available on line for less than $2, but as I drive right by the store daily, I don't think that is a bad price for a decent filter.
Any other Napa customers have this option available at their local store?
I think mine has a similar price structure, but I have never seen the reason to buy those filters when you can buy 12-pks of Pro-Tec or Champs off Rockauto for less money.