Moving Lawn Tools to Battery Power.

You’ve made two great choices:

1. Makita 18V. Excellent tools, battery and system. I’m hard on mine and they perform very well.

2. Mrs. Uncle Dave. Seeing her with both a Makita and a hammer in hand, she’s awesome.


Thanks Astro.

With the Makita product I was pretty much sticking to what always worked for me, but its always interesting to hear what other guys with the products think. Especially guys whose feedback you enjoy in the first place.

On Mrs. UD the woman impresses me at every turn. I do not equal her skillset in carpentry, or gardening by any stretch, but I am able to empower her abilities by insuring she has whatever tool makes it easier for her get her work done, supply muscle, and be the house mechanic making sure all the tools, vehicles, and motorized devices are ready to go and work as expected. I use tools for that work vs housework.

I watched her come to many of the same conclusions I did from a tool perspective after some seat time. She had her pick of any brand she wanted and ended up with an almost all Makita line, at the same time we both concluded that the Milwaukee and Dewalt product and the odd metabo/ Hitachi and Bosch are all really really good product sometime better at certain pieces, but in terms of a holistic platform if you've got the money its really hard to beat Makita.

It was an interesting journey to discover new tools neither had used prior - who my buddy handed me his FEIN multi tool I scoffed and said sure Ill try it. "Gonna need one of these" was the feedback after a single day of use

She reno'd the LA house pretty much on her own only speciality workers like the hot mopping and mortaring the shower base, some plumbing pieces. At the start of the reno we borrowed dozens of various tools types and brands from friends who were eager to loan them out.

Her complete renovation of the LA House would have cost us 75K or more.
Then after we moved into the Penn Valley house she did a lot of that again, spending almost a full year renovating saving incredible money while upping our standard of life considerably.

I couldn't ask for a better partner to journey through life with.