Which Brand Electric String Trimmer and Blower?

Following. My 20+ year old corded B&D is expiring slowly but has worked great. Would probably get the same thing. I would avoid cordless unless you have no place to plug in. They seem heavier and the batteries will need replacing every few years.

I generally don't mind cords on power tools such as drills and saws when they're used in one spot for a project. A corded string trimmer is something else. A 50-foot cord may not be long enough even with multiple outside outlets, the long cords can tangle, can catch on random objects while dragging them around, the cord can loosen up from the trimmer and need to be pushed in more again, and just overall be a PITA.

Areas with thick weeds and worse need something stronger, but most lawns only need a 20v string trimmer. I had a fairly beefy corded Toro and a gas trimmer. The gas one started having too many problems, and using a cord was annoying.

I got a B&D 20v trimmer super cheap and wasn't expecting much but at that price I'll give it a try. Man. It has two speed settings, I often only use the slower setting since it's still good enough, saves more battery, and seems to ruin less of the string when it hits bricks and similar. Yeah, it feels a bit toyish, and looks a bit toyish with the B&D colors, but it also feels as light as a toy and gets 'er done.

I used to find excuses to skip doing the trimming. Now I do it every time because it's almost as easy as merely walking.

There's plenty of people who regret getting a 40v trimmer due to the weight when they don't need that much power.
Makita 36V (twin 18) trimmer, pole saw, hedge trimmer.

Fantastic machine.