Motorcraft 5-20 2004 Honda

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Jun 29, 2003
I will be honest . Even though I just put some 20wt synthetic in our honda I don't think I really want to extend the miles on the oils changes far enough to justify the cost . Would the 5-20 motorcraft be about as good as one could do for a mineral oil in this 04 Civic ?
Based on the UOAs on this site the Motorcraft 5W-20 looks to be a good oil. Around here it can be hard to find. Sometimes Autozone and Walmart have it, other times not. None of our other local parts stores carry it. Another option when you can not find the Motorcraft 5W-20 would be one of the major brand semi-synthetics like Pennzoil's "Truck, SUV, Van" 5W-20, Castrol Syntec Blend 5W-20 or such. I like to do fairly frequent changes during the first 10,000-15,000 miles on the theory that getting the early wear byproducts out of the engine has to be a good thing. My plan for the '03 Accord I bought is to do 3,000 mile OCIs for the first 15,000 miles using one of the oils mentioned above. Motorcraft's retail distribution network, at least in our area, seems to really be horrible. John
If you're going to keep to the 4,000-5,000 mile OCI then Motorcraft 5W-20 has performed very well in the UOA posted here. Also the Penzoil, Chevron/Havoline and Castrol 5W-20 have a also performed well in those OCI intervals. Walmart has the Motorcraft 5W-20 priced @ $1.77/qt usually. The others are usually more expensive. Except the Havoline 5W-20 is on sale now at Advance Auto for $1.22/qt [Smile] . In general the "dino blend" 5W-20 seems to be a better quality oil than the dino 5W-30. Whimsey
Motorcraft is simply repackaged Conoco HydroClear oil, one-and-the-same. Like the other Conoco/Phillips/Kendall brands, it looks to be a decent, middle-of-the-road oil based on their spec sheets, and should perform just fine if you choose it. As others have suggested, you should search this site for a UOI on this brand/weight. Since Motorcraft's site is way out-of-date, here's a link to Conoco, and a spec sheet is also available at the Concoco site:
I believe the Motorcraft (Conoco) 5w-20 is a synth blend. Not too shaby for $1.77/qt. Mikep
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