Mini wireless blenders.

May 12, 2015
Summer is coming and fruits will be available again. Anyone use those USB mini blenders for smoothies? Seem like a good solution for morning snack at work. [Linked Image]
Isn't it easier to transport a sealed container full of smoothy you made at home before work, than it is to juggle a bunch of fruit, a knife, cutting board, rag, and a blender that you have to take somewhere to wash, and also get rid of fruit scraps? I guess if you are bored and don't have a boss that minds this, then you just have people wanting to choke you for making blender noise. wink Either way, considering the contamination of everything in China, I'd wash it really good before use. It wouldn't surprise me at all if a USB powered blender is too weak and chokes on many kinds of fruit, but you wrote wireless so if it is actually battery powered and USB just recharges it, at least then it has a fighting chance.
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I found a few videos of blenders like this on YouTube, if you enjoy very chunky smoothies this will work, otherwise get yourself a real blender
I used to use a Magic Bullet for smoothies. Since getting a Vitamix, I now know that smoothies don't need to contain chunks that jam up your straw repeatedly. I imagine one of these USB powered blenders would be significantly worse than the Magic Bullet, which at least plugs into household current.