All food consumed in one day

Oct 31, 2017
I won't be able to document this every day. I will make one post for every day I document. I will include smoothies and shakes but I will not include water, tea, and coffee. I define a meal as a substantial quantity of food. I define snack as a small quantity of food that can't be considered a meal. I will refer to meals as first, second, and third meals rather than as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I generally take all my meals between 09:00 and 18:00 hours but I may have a snack around 04:30. That does not mean. Occasionally, my last meal at 21:00. Generally, I eat a good amount of protein, a good amount of fat, and few carbs other than fiber. I do carb-cycling, meaning I will considerably increase my carb intake with increased physical activity. I may eat carbs before or after exercise because I don't see any evidence that there is a metabolic window for carb intake.

Some of the pictures may show up more than once because I won’t take another picture of the same things twice. Things like apples, bananas, nuts, yogurt, or a piece of cheese I may just mention without showing.


Got up at 04:00 as on most days. I have cut down on running and run now 5 miles 3 times a week. I cut it down because I didn't want to risk the wear and tear and the injuries I observe in my peers. I don't like running either on an empty or full stomach. stomach. So I started with a snack.

A mix of pistachios, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. All raw and unroasted because roasting destroys a good amount of beneficial enzymes.

A red smoothie consisting of cooked carrots, bell pepper, blended with raw beets and with some citrulline added.

First meal, late morning. Two toasted slieces of Killer Dave's bread, topped with two eggs, cheese, and tomatoes.

My afternoon snack was a large apple.

I spent 45 minutes in my exercise room. Mostly resistance training, weights, dead hangs.

My third meal was two slices of whole-kernel dark bread with cheese, tomato, and celery at around 18:30.. Casein, the protein in cheese takes long to digest and that's why cheese is filling and very suitable for the last meal of the day.

This is not much food with a total of around 1,700 kcal, and a moderate carb intake of about 160g. Less protein than on most days but I had too much meat the day before and protein is hard on the kidneys. That's a 1,300 kcal deficit for me. The winter fat has to come off by early April.
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Daves Killer Powerseed is my go to toast. ;)
Yeah, it's pretty much the only remotely suitable product for toast that's not complete garbage nutritionally or that tastes like paste. As far as bread goes, I stick to either the type of dark stuff you can see in my last picture or I eat small amounts of sourdough farmer's bread, and very rarely a piece of baguette.

Morning snack at 05:00. A few small sheets of Nori and half a liter of lemon water with citrulline.

Burpees, crunches, and mountain climbers

First meal at 07:30. Omelette with kale and tomatoes, onions, and convicted Felon Dave's bread with homemade fruit spread.

My second meal was around 13:00. A chicken breast with raw spinach spring mix and tomato. The e-coli didn't get me this time.

Afternoon snack around 16:00. Pistachios, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds.This combination provided all essential amino acids. Also almonds, blueberries, and some bran.

Third meal of the day. A slice of Killer's bread with Swiss, Miller's uncured sausage, an egg, blueberries, and two figs. Eat figs, folks!

Ab wheel rollouts
Ezekiel 4:9 is also alright but I'm not sure if mentioning it here is allowed due to its non-secular name.

Got up at 04:15 and had a green smoothie. lemon, cucumber, bell pepper, spirulina, chlorella. Pucker up, boys! You might turn green.

Laps in the pool.

Stopping at the Black Bear Diner for lunch at 11:30. Hobo omelette with country potatoes with all sorts of things in it, including a hobo. That's probably around 1,500 kcal but only because I refused their sliced toast.

At 15:20 I had a mid-afternoon snack. The usual seeds, citrus, and blueberries.

My third and very small meal at 18:30 consisted of Swedish crispbread with marinated herring and capers, a little cucumber salad, and a not shown pear. I often eat kippers and other fishy things in the morning.

I then did squats and chin-ups until I got tired.
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Are you retired?
I read 'Are you retarded?' 🤣 No, not retired and not planning on it, at least not until I'm a grandpa. If my son makes me a grandpa before I'm 50 I will disown him. My work hours are very flexible and I go into the office only twice a week. I think they prefer me to stay away. Work follows me around.