Just Tried Chevron Supreme

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Mar 19, 2004
[Smile] I just put Chevron oil in my car and I think it is running the quietest it ever has.The engine is a 3.3 GM with 155,000+ miles on it.I have personally never used this oil before so I will see how it does in the long run.It seems that evrybody here likes it so I thought I would give it a try.I also used a SuperTech filter which I have used several times before.The oil has a nice color,a mostly clear golden color and the smell is not as oily smelling as some other oils.I know that you cant really go by those things but I think you can get a good idea sometimes as to the quality of the oil.Anyway,I am trying it,hope it does well.
Good for you. With the excellent performance of Chevron Supreme, I wonder why so many people mess with syn blends and cheap HC syns. You could try the Delo 400 15w-40 if you want the benefits of an HDEO.
I use Chevron Supreme or Havoline in my wife's car. I can't tell a difference between the two oils now that Chevron and Texaco are partnered together. The old Equilon Havoline had a stronger smell to it.
Originally posted by Buzzsaw: I can't tell a difference between the two oils now that Chevron and Texaco are partnered together.
They are exactly the same oil. [Wink]
Motorguy222, I switched to Chevron oil after I discovered this web site. My previous car ran great with that Chevron oil. Chevron seems to consistently produce great VOAs and UOAs. Another great oil is Schaeffer's. It is more expensive and you probably will not be able to find it locally (you would have to order it from Tim Mills). But it is hard to beat and some people here compare it to synthetic oils. In fact you can get a synthetic Schaeffer's but most people seem to use the blend. Another great product I discovered here is Auto-RX. It is great for cleaning a high mileage engine. Some people have reported very great performance improvements.
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