Iffy Lube Get's Caught

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I can see the slimeballs behind the counter lying but the District Manager??

Actually the doesn't suprise me either....

Every time Jiffy Lube is even lightly investigated they are hucking frauds faster than the average car repair place.

It's so expected I wonder how much bias the "news" twists into it.

Of course the authorities don't chase this stuff much.
I scrutinize even warranty dealer work. I almost always have to tell them about something they should have done. I bring my binoculars to the big shops. I know I'm not their favorite car owner, but, I make sure things get done correctly. Just the last time, I had them put it back up on the lift, because the tech forgot to rotate the tires...then I had him go back and adjust the tire pressure, because while he did do that, he did it before the rotation, and the front and rear take different pressures. A small thing, and the service is "free", but, I demand it be done right.
Wow. 5 out of 9. Amazing. Isn't funny how they all say "talk to so and so...." won't fess up to their obvious ripoff's? Anyone see Dateline last night on the child seduction thing? Scary. At least some of them didn't deny it.
Dealer shops probably do this too but they advertise so much it'd be unlikely for them to ever get investigated.
I've never been and will never go to places like the "J team", Pep Boys, Wal-Mart or Sears for routine maintenance or light repair. But I know many who have . . .

Other than three trusted dealer and independent MECHANICS who I know personally, I'm the lube shop. Modern vehicles are just too complicated and sensitive to maintenance mistakes anymore. And inexperienced kids make mistakes.

Favor the small independent shop whenever possible. The owner is usually a seasoned pro and spinning the wrenches himself. He has everything personally on the line to do the job right and keep his family fed. He's nowhere to run or hide. Nor does he want to. And the price is often less than the franchises and chains.
The only thievery that I've seen is performing "un-needed" work. That is, you get what you paid for ..but you didn't need everything that you paid for.

Now a good mechanic knows his customers (small shop type) and he knows their habits. If some customer doesn't get brakes done for 5 years and only services the car once a year ..then he'll do a more comprehensive inspection/service then someone who is in every 6 months. Some things can wait "til next time" for that customer. You don't want your marginal drving customers to be left stranded or having to do an unscheduled repair for lack of thorough scheduled service (during the scheduled safety inspection).
I know a young fella that works at a new car dealership and I get the feeling that they think the customer is like an apple tree, and ripe for the pickin'. His dad won't take the family car there for service. His dad and I are friends and it's sad to here that he wants his son to, as he says, stop twisting wrenches and get an honest job. I get the feeling that these dealerships have a lot of pressure, to make every dollar possible, from every customer, right now. Someone earlier in this thread had the right idea. Take your business to an independent mechanic. I might add, one with a clean shop.
I had a local guy that i trusted. He was good and honest buy he didn't have the diagnosic software that the Honda stealership had.
"Additionally, Heartland Automotive Services [Jiffy Lube] will implement a mystery-shopper program to ensure all of its customers receive the quality car care they deserve."

The way I interpret this is that JL believes their customers deserve to get shafted, and that JL will make sure they do it more regularly.

PS. How many nicknames do we have for JL? I can think of Shifty Lube, Iffy Lube, and Gypsie Lube. Any others?
I had a 94 Altima and took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, it just so happened that my Check Engine Light was on.

The manager kept insisting that I needed their Signature fuel injection service to clean my 'dirty' injectors.

The guy have told me 6 times about the light and their service to clean the injectors. I told him 6 times that I just wanted an oil change.

Originally posted by windnsea00:
Well luckily most of us will never have this issue


I can't believe people still take their cars to places like this! The only place I'll take my car is to my small, independent, personally-known and highly reputable mechanic - and that's only for the rare item I can't fix myself or don't have the time or tools to deal with.

Originally posted by Tosh:
"Additionally, Heartland Automotive Services [Jiffy Lube] will implement a mystery-shopper program to ensure all of its customers receive the quality car care they deserve."

The way I interpret this is that JL believes their customers deserve to get shafted, and that JL will make sure they do it more regularly.

actually it means that there will be people going around just like the news team did and getting their car serviced at the jiffy lube. after the service a report is filled out, and if it is bad then the store is supposed to get in a lot of trouble for having bad customer service, etc.
I know I've told this one before...but when I was young, on the move, and not as smart as I am now I went to JL every 3K like clockwork. Thing is, I went to different ones because I was always on the move - and this was before you were in some nationwide computer.

Typically I let them do the trans fluid every 15K. Well, one time the clown comes out with my tranny dipstick with a bunch of 'shavings' on it, saying that they needed to change my ATF ASAP. I pulled out my little logbook and pointed out how I had just had the fluid changed like 3000 miles earlier. He just said "Oh", walked off and that was it.

Another time, I was 'logging in' at the beginning of a visit and the joker says "Whoa, you don't change your oil much do you?". I hadn't changed it AT THAT LOCATION for about 9K and he just assumed that meant I couldn't possibly have done it anywhere else. I was like "Don't flatter yourself, Chucky"....

How I ever used that place I don't know, but it was before the BITOG sickness took over.
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