How often do you go out to eat?

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Mar 17, 2008
I often get a quick fast food lunch. However the wife and I rarely go out for dinner or breakfast.
We get take-away maybe once a week or less. We go out specifically to eat about once a month, including socialising with friends. Claud.
Almost never at work. I bring lunch with me. Cheap. I'll go if someone else is paying. smile We travel about once a month to visit family, and about half the time we'll get Subway on the drive for a meal, due to time constraints. Personally I can't stand McD's and won't eat there for quick food. Wife has learned that if we stop for McD's then we'll wind up stopping again, even if it's just for me. As a family, as a "lets go out for a treat", I try not to. Winds up once a month anyhow, just out and about, and need to eat, so not a lot of choice. We do often pack lunches for when we have outings, but once in a while we get caught short on time and/or planning. I can't think of the last time I went "out to eat" at a restaurant by myself. If it's just me I'll hit up a grocery store for a sub. Just learned recently that Market Basket makes subs, and they're not bad at all, so I've been going there when I need to eat, instead of Subway.
Quite often. We often get tips and gift cards at my work so I spend those. I dont like to pack a lunch because I dont know what I want till lunch time.
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Always take out and enjoy the food at home without any noise , crying babies or idiots jabbering on cellphones. --- You got that right,,people in public become idiots,,well sometimes..
What is it with the 100 questions?! Wife is on Paleo diet and only eats local grass fed and free range meats. No grains, No gluten. So we don't eat out much maybe 2wice a year, though I had lunch with the inlaw parents at Burton's Grill in Hanover, Mass this past Summer and I must say their Grilled chicken sandwich with guacamole is stunning! Likely one of the better food chains.
As in, eat food prepared anywhere other than my house or shop? On average, probably once every other day. Sit down and buy a meal more or less of my choosing? (Not just take advantage of the convenience of fast food.) Once every 10-14 days.
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What is it with the 100 questions?!
To stimulate conversation all can participate in.... smile
Whenever I want to. I take leftovers for lunch and only eat out during the week occasionally. The wife is a dietician, so she does a lot of cooking at home but food is kinda our "thing" so we're always trying a new type of food or trying to find a cool restaraunt. When we travel, we like to find a good local place that's not a chain. We're totally not hipsters you guys, honest! Lol I despise Mcdonalds but about once a year I get a craving for a big mac.
I eat out during lunch all the time as I am always treating customers. At home, we did a lot because we had such a small kitchen. I mean tiny. About a foot of counter space. It was really discouraging. We just got a new (to us) house and it has a fantastic kitchen so we plan to spend most nights dining in.
Don't eat anything that's served to you out of a window unless you're a seagull. Unlike the burger flipper, you do wash your hands before you dine, don't you?
I always bring my lunch as I only take a 1/2hr lunch so I can get home earlier. We don't eat out too much either, my wife can cook most styles of cooking better than a mid range restaurant anyway, so the odd time we'll go somewhere fancy. If we are travelling, that's when we eat out the most although often we'll just hit a grocery store and buy a roast chicken dinner or some fruit and veggies.
Apparently, way too often. Local sushi joint knows us by name and always gives us a free appetizer. grin
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I was wondering that too actually. But I don't think you could get much useful out of responses on a forum?
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I was wondering that too actually. But I don't think you could get much useful out of responses on a forum?
retired guy? plenty of time on hand? a loner wanting to talk to like minded?
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