How much to set up my own Oil Analysis Lab?

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Aug 13, 2002
In my country, no one does oil analysis for cars. Im thinking of being the first by setting up a business here. I've checked with a lab in Singapore, to do a 30-element test alone costs S$270! (~US$150). And that doesnt include the tests for TBN, viscosity, water, etc. How much does the oil analysis equipment cost? Advice appreciated.
That's a good price but is 16-element good enough? What about other equipment for testing water, glycol, fuel, viscosity, tbn, etc? How much will these cost?
obviously that's a nice start but you will need more equipment to go further than what those machines offer. I myself cannot offer any idea on cost, but I know there is new equipment sales available and only if you keep looking in places such as this, you might find a company moving some older equipment and get a deal on it.
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