how much oil does your disposal place allow at one time?

A couple of weeks ago, I gave 85 gallons of oil away. (A 55-gallon drum and a 30) to a buddy who has an oil-burning stove.
Local parts stores accept 3 gallons used oil per customer, that is the rule anyway. Depends who is working that day.
I've been turned away with my excess over 3 gallons too many times so that's all I take anymore.
I go to Walmart and disposal is the only thing I can trust them to do correctly. They take what I tell them to take or I leave it outside their cage. No logbook or ID crap.
County takes my two 3 gallon containers no problem. So does autozone for that matter.
I always go to the AAP by my house. They don’t mind how much I dump as long as I take the bottles. I think their tank fills up about every two weeks or so.
The amount of used oil I accumulate and have to dispose of makes it a huge hassle. I am done driving around to 3-4 different places to dump used oil and at any given time atleast 1 has the oil tank full sign out. So I purchased four 55gal drums that I use for waste oil. When they fill up I call an oil recycler who comes out and pumps them empty for $100. That fee is for unlimited oil pumping but I figure 4 barrels is enough for me. I add a small fee to oil changes to offset the cost of getting the oil taken away
Autozone is the closest place from me that recycles. I just walk to the back on my own and dump it in their drum. Nothing to sign, they don’t bat an eye.
Never tried more then 12 Qts at a time and no issues with that

This for me. I think I did 15 quarts at one time and no one said anything about it. 3 filled Mobil 1 jugs to O'Reillys. I'm sure if I went in with a drum full they'd have something to say, but next time I'll ask since I'm curious. I can't imagine ever hitting the cap or even having 15 quarts again now that I only have one ICE car.
Our Walmart has always taken whatever I brought until the last time I went. I had a trunk full of 5 qt jugs. Manager asked me how much I had and I said " I don't know it's never mattered before". He said " Don't leave over 4 5qt jugs". I left 4 and my son took 4 and over time and several drops we got it all there. I don't let it build up anymore.