how much oil does your disposal place allow at one time?

Walmart only takes 5 quarts and makes you find an employee in the garage (not easy), get them to unlock the fence around the podium where they make you show ID and fill out name and address.
The WM near me will take 5 gallons at a time. I've never had to show ID and usually just scribble some name on the sheet. I'm sure I could return the next day with another 5 gallons and nobody would care, but as we all know, every Walmart is different.
Posted 5 but you can really dump as much as you want within reason. The sign is to deter commercial outfits from overloading their tanks.
5 gallons at the local Walmart.

If you bring your bucket to the locked cage where the recycle tank is at, they will ignore you as long as you're waiting for somebody to come unlock the cage.

If you walk over to the cage, leave your bucket there and then walk away, they will come running out and try to catch you before you drive off.
I believer that my local AAP allows for ~2 gallons at a time however, they never say or ask anything when I bring in my tub for disposal. And depending on the attendant, they almost never ask me to sign the sheet.
I bring it in a 5 gallon container after I change oil and filter in all 3 vehicles. (18 quarts or 4.5 gallons). It's usually still warm when I bring it to them, so they never say a word. (Local Autozone).

I always call ahead to make sure their tanks are not full. But the last few times they wanted my name and address before they would accept it. They've never given me an acceptable answer as to why.
Where I go, they'll take every drop that they can get their hands on. It's a construction equipment dealership, and they use it in waste oil heaters to heat their shop in the winter. They'll take anything as long as it isn't contaminated with coolant or water.
Here in PA and NJ, it's sad. Most places don't want the oil and there is no law stating they have to take it. I once drove around to 4 places with 5 quarts, and was getting very agitated. I figured out the trick--"My tank is full." Reminds me of the old 80's addage--"No knowledge." I'm even talking about places like The Three Stooges.
I take to Walmart usually, think its 5 gallons or so. I wait until I have 4 or so 5qt jugs to go, then return—no good reason, but I think the auto section used to be closed early in the morning when i usually shop.
I delivered 5 of the five quart jugs in one time to the city disposal and they didn't care. The woman before me had 3 brand new looking plastic new style gas cans that held 5 quarts each. I think she had old gas in them. I asked the disposal technician if I could have those brand new gas cans? He said yes and emptied them out and let me take them home. We have a very good city disposal however they do have you show and record your driver's license every time you drive up.
In previous visits have not been limited at my local O'Reillys unless they are full. Two to three five-quart containers have been fine, but they will NOT accept the container(s). When full advised to return on another day with an apology. Have to fill in a sign-in sheet with name, address, date and quantity. If not busy staff/manager always have time for a pleasant chat. Interesting to see the general area where other local DIYers reside.
My township has a limit, but they don't really enforce it. The guy told me they had not emptied the tank in the 2 years he worked there.

I have never really gotten a clear answer if I can dump brake or transmission fluid. (Coolant is a separate tank).
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I've been using the same 3 gal container, for >25 yrs. I usually always take it to AAP. I took it to Napa a few times.
The Tracy waste transfer station will take used oil/coolant, no charge 5-gal/day; oil filters are $1.50 ea.

For anything other than waste oil, I take the short drive out to the Stockton Airport where the county has their household hazardous waste collection facility. AFAIK, no limit and no charge for dropping of waste. You don't even have to get out of your vehicle. They also have a "re-use" room. This stuff is up for grabs, usually unopened gallons of paint.
The stores around me typically have a 5-gallon limit, but I think when they're short-staffed (or the employees just don't feel like dealing with it) they just claim the tank is full and suggest I go elsewhere.

At some point I discovered the county hazardous-waste dropoff place and they seem to have no limit there. I've gotten rid of countless gallons of oil there plus antifreeze, trans fluid, batteries, paint and various other chemicals and solvents and they just happily take it all.
the are garages that have "used oil" furnaces + are glad for your used oil + thats where mine goes, ask around your area businesses!