Hoping you really love winter...

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Feb 23, 2009
I had a feeling...and I was right:



Based on winter cycles, I figured we were really going to get battered like they did 1977-early 80s. Heck, I was born during one of the nastiest snow storms in my state's history...

Here, the summer never really recovered...and the signs here are not good...leaves are already falling off the trees! You can sense the changes coming...

And that said, I'm not hyping....just getting prepared! I really want to be wrong, but I get the feeling that I am not. I'm looking over everything, from my older furnace (which seems to be in good health) to our cars....even our health! Yep, the extreme cold made my few issues (like asthma) even worse...

I've been talking to a few people, who either think I'm totally nuts, or just being smart and prepared.
Either way, I'm expecting a brutal winter even worse than last year (if that is even possible!) And I was hoping for a warmer winter this year too....

Any of you feeling the same? Or do I get to join the tin hat club?

The floor is yours.....
I'm feeling the same as you. Last winter was pretty epic as far as temperatures and this summer has been delightfully mild. If the pattern continues it is shaping up to be a bad winter. I'm personally digging this 'global warming/climate change' (whatever best fits the argument at the moment) stuff.
Winter? What's that?

Here leaves start to fall in the middle of December, although we don't have many trees that shed leaves!
I would welcome winter, although I doubt it will come particularly early or be "severe" (defined as highs in the low 50s and lows in the upper 30s) here. It is still getting into the low to mid 90s regularly, I wouldn't be surprised to see a few 100+ days in the next few weeks, and I could see temps staying in the 80s into mid-October. I hate SoCal "weather"!
As long as it translates to snow in the mountains I could care less. I get white fever at work and head to the mountains for the knee deep stuff to ski in.
Old Farmers Almanac also predicting a worse one for the eastern 2/3 of US.

My car's got one foot in the grave and I'm looking for another that will accept its snow tires.
It has been a mild summer here in southeastern PA. July was like June. August has been like July. So far, we haven't had any "dog days", which is OK with me as I've taken a week off work to putter around the house. You may be right, we might be in for a whopper of a winter (I'm still looking at the brush & tree limb pile from that ice storm we had last winter).

eljefino, that's heck of a prerequisite for a used car, "It has to accept size such-e-such tires".
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We'll see how this plays out. I'm hoping it'll be a mild one, but given how cool it's been all summer and how the leaves are already starting to turn, I suspect it won't be.
Originally Posted By: Rick in PA

eljefino, that's heck of a prerequisite for a used car, "It has to accept size such-e-such tires".

To be more specific it has to take 4x100 rims which means civics, corollas, escorts, saturns, cobalts... The tires might be 10mm skinnier than OE but that's not a "bad thing".

And since I have $300 tied up in snows which would go on a $300 car I don't feel my expectations are that unreasonable.
My favorite season is winter, so I say - bring it on! I like snow... None of this gray salty and muddy mess we get during most "mild" winters.

Last year, we got a lot of snow, yes, and it never really melted between snowfalls, but it was rarely more than about 4 inches per storm. I went through a lot of snowblower gas. But it was hardly the "snowpocalypse" the local media made it out to be. Chicago media loves to over-react about the weather!
I say BRING IT ON!!!!! I love winter. The cold doesn't bother me in the least bit. Snowblower is ready, shovels are still good, boots will be waterproofed, and sweaters are A OK. Bring on the snow too!

A local college's meteorology professor has been saying we're nearing one of the coldest years on record for central PA. I Think its at #3 now as we're around 3 degrees below the average.

I noticed yesterday that some trees along the highway are already starting to turn colors so I think we may be getting cold early this year!
Hmmmm... I think I'll have to put in a request for a blower for the tractor this year. Last year I bent up the rear blade pushing back banks in March.
Last year we had an ice storm in march...after a particularly hot summer.

This year, the next four days are 98 plus degrees, vut we have been having fall like n mornings.

Winter is getting worse...climate change...who knew?

My wife and I run duratracs and grabber at2s year round. Both tires perform excellently in snow...and even ice. Bring it on.
We are hoping for a very wet winter here in Central Texas.

Last year we had 3-5 ice events, it was pretty weird.

I'm a Buffalo native, I'm so glad that part of my life is over. They are getting killed up there with winter.
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One thing I've learned is not to put much faith into long term weather predictions. After all, these are the same folks that have trouble with 3 or 4 day forecasts. Now that the weather folks have their new buzzword "polar vortex" they're using it every chance they get. The weather folks also have lots of pretty maps and lots of technology to augment what boils down to nothing more than a guess.

After this many years I've seen hot summers followed by every type of fall and winter weather imaginable. I've also seen cool summers followed by every type of fall and winter weather imaginable. I've seen winters that have snow on the ground by the end of October, and winters with virtually no snow all season.

My wife and I enjoy winter and the snow. It's a chance to get out on the bike trail with our snow shoes and see all the wildlife that takes over when people aren't around. It's also great exercise-the cold works us harder when we are out in it.

I've prepared for winter exactly the same way every year-prepare for the worst and hope for the best. One thing I won't do is let it worry me.
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