German Syntec

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Jul 9, 2004
Punxsutawney, PA.
I was able to track down five quarts of the green juice but I needed six quarts in my Dodge 4.7 so I used one quart of the domestic Syntec 10w-30. The truck runs decent on it but it has a mild tick when the engine is cold. The hot oil pressure is the same but I'm a little less than pleased with the tick so I may dump it and go back to 10w-30 synthetic.
I'm just over 5000 miles on my first fill of GC, awaiting the results of my UOA to see how far I'm going to take it before dumping. My car, a 2003 V-6 Camry, which I'd fed several different syns before, took about 1k miles to "get used to" the GC. While my mileage is still down slightly, the engine is now supremely smooth on this stuff. I know it sounds odd, but give the GC and its add pack some time to stabilize in your engine. Not sure how the "comtamination" with plain old G-III American Syntec will affect things.
My saturn loves it, great cold starts, runs smooth, and getting 35 miles to the gallon hwy which is the highest I've ever seen.
I wouldn't worry about the group III + gc mix, especially since Castrol sells both oils on the same shelf without any differenciation, I would assume they are more than compatible with eachother.
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