Features you do NOT like on new vehicles?

Oct 8, 2006
Black, plastic panels around the bottom of the entire vehicle...no dipstick or drain plug in the tranny...


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Jan 9, 2009
New England
As I’ve been able to afford newer cars over the past couple of decades I’ve always enjoyed the low-mid-level trims, mainly with Subaru.

Anyone who says blind spot monitors, pre-collision braking, and lane departure warnings (note: I hate lane keep assist) either hasn’t spent much or any time with these features or it’s been implemented poorly. To say that the BSM light on the side-view mirror is distracting is ridiculous. If you’re paying attention to the car in the next lane over then how would them entering yours blind-spot and the associated illumination of a light surprise or distract you? Nonsense.

Same goes for most of the other gripes listed here. Most seem to be poorly-implemented versions or those while in their infancy. As has been mentioned, there‘s stop/start done well and done poorly.

Push-button start is a negative? Really? When we get back from a road trip in our Forester (I drive usually) I always hop right into my car and reach for the button that isn’t there. It’s also a BUTTON. How failure-prone could a simple button be when many keyed-ignition switches aren’t manual anyway?

With all of that said, I’m a big fan of knobs and push-buttons instead of onscreen-only options. I also like when these buttons and knobs are placed ergonomically, not crammed closely together without any contrast between different functions.

I like many more options, but don’t have enough time to name them all.

Finally, I‘ll take as many airbags as can be fitted. There are too many idiots on the road driving monster trucks for there to only be a door panel and some glass between me and them.
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May 31, 2016
Vienna, Austria
start stop system
computer controlled parking brake
replacement of dip stick with oil level metering in the dash
plastic oil pan screws
touch screen controls
low power A/C due to co2 reduction
Mar 9, 2010
STL Area
I know they make a bluetooth dongle that you plug in to usb on car to convert to wireless android auto.. might be something similar for carplay.
Hmm, interesting. A quick look shows there's a usb plugin to do the same for CarPlay. Cool. Thanks for the tip!