Features you do NOT like on new vehicles?

Auto stop on a non hybrid

Totally kills the AC compressor and in 100+ ambient it gets to be a drag defeating it all the time.

My RX400H - beautiful, no penalty for it.
If it’s really hot or cold and interior not at temp with system running low fan mine (VW) realizes and self disables start/stop.
My wife has a 22' Subaru Outback.

I don't have the time to list out the lovely "helper/safety" features of this abortion of a vehicle. But I'll put my short list up.

1. Auto start/stop. 100 dollars disabled that.
2. The god **** car watches your eyes and warnings go off if you start looking around for anything.
3. The idiotic rear lift gate that never works with your hand, as designed, but works perfect when a garage door is coming down close to the rear hatch. Ask me how I know.
4. 11 in screen that controls everything and occasionally works. Smh......
5. Subaru owners in general. Most insufferable crowd imaginable. They think this company can do no wrong.

Most frustrating car to drive that I have ever owned and it has more manuals than my M1A1 Main battle tank did in the Army.