Chevron Delo 400 for my 460

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Oct 16, 2003
Northern Virginia
It is young 460 engine (7.5L). It sometimes towes, but most of the time, doesn't. Used about 3-5,000 miles annually thus far. The engine is in really good shape.

I got some Chevrolet Delo 400 15w-40 oil for it per recommendations on the forum, for my next oil change.

Can someone tell me more about this oil?

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I think you mean Chevon Delo 400 15w-40.

Delo is a great oil. Since you don't drive this vehicle much, the additional additive pack might help keep your engine from rusting while it sits...
Of course Chevron is what I meant, I was contemplating asking the same thing for my 5.7L Chevrolet (but for now I run Castrol GTX in it.)

I drive the truck once every 2 weeks, or so.
Should I drive it more often than that?

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Chevron/Texaco has a very good web site and you will find some good information there, including the spec. sheets on this oil.

Whenever you do drive it, a good 10 mile run at highway speed would be a good idea, rather than a short trip. This will help keep the battery up and burn off any water vapor in the oil.
Thanks for the tip.

The previous owner did not drive the truck very much, and neither do I, except when I need to use the truck bed. 460 is very thirsty engine, probably _the_ most thirsty engine, like 454, etc, especially in a full size 1 ton truck.

Therefore, it demands 2 oil changes per year, maybe even 1 if I used synthetic.

I do try to drive it once in a while to keep things lubricated.
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