Changes since finding this site.

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Jan 21, 2003
Elizabeth City NC
This site has changed my thinking a lot since I found it.
I now use Mobil 1 rather than Royal Purple.
I use a premium Oversize Pureone oil filter rather than OEM.
I check all manufactures before purchase of air filters. It has to be as good or better than the OEM it replaces. NAPA GOLD has been the winner so far.
My autos are being treated with auto-rx and techron.
How has this site changed your thinking?
Don't believe commercials or hype.
Shoot down any hearsay that isn't proven.

Old school mechanics are just that.

Originally posted by TR3-2001SE:

How has this site changed your thinking?

I think far too much about oil now, and also now stockpile WAY TOO MUCH of it too!

I also change my mind a lot more often about which oils to try in my vehicles next, since I'm so much more aware of so many good oils out there. In the past I just used Mobil 1 (and for a while Amsoil) and didn't think too much about what I was going to run in the future.
Guess I was relatively oil educated before. I changed every 3-4k, but with Valvoline and Fram oil filters. Every time I would change the oil, I'd go to the store and buy what I needed.

Now I'm a maniacal oil nut, with my very own stock pile of engine oils and oil filters! I obsess about oil, AutoRX, fuel system cleaners, greases, air filter performance, filtration vs flow and other automotive paradox. Do they have a half way house for people like us? Dare I say it but I think I have a problem!
I switched to Mobil 1. I ditched the K&N and went back to a paper air filter. Kept my OEM Mann oil filter and learned you can change the oil every five thousand miles instead of every three thousand miles. Learned what off the shelf additives work and what doesn't. Gee whiz I learned more in a month here than some people will know in a life time.
I am thinking more about what I am doing. I haven't changed my actions much. True I did change the oil in my truck transmission last oil change, but then I had changed it several times before I came here. I feel better about my decision to use ST filters on my truck since i never se the AC PF 1177's anymore. I also feel better about using the PF 52's on my Grand Am in place of the PF 47's when I had it. I am thinking harder about synthetics and longer drain intervals backed with UOA.

I am also wasting a lot more time on the net.

I learned more in a month here than some people will know in a life time

Funny, but you can actually learn more here in 20 minutes than your dealer service writer knows AND your neighborhood mechanic too. Since '98 German cars have had more rigourous specs and my general awareness level has been higher. The trick for German car drivers has been to match up specs with products, not every brand has ACEA oils available, so they were eliminated immediately, like QS. SynPower has a ACEA A3 5w-40 so before bitog (B.B.) I used it as a Mobil 1 beater, maybe it is better than M1 30 weights. After bitog (A.B.) I gave more thought to VII deposits and basestocks-in terms of seal conditioning only. I feel like PAO and, to a greater extent, esters are nice, but not necessary until turbos come into play. I had an idea diesel oils were good with EPs and detergents but were reluctant to use them until A.B..
Some of the oil gossip and trivia here has been fun. The GC has been a great score. I have more faith in independent blenders like Schaffers and Amsoil now, but need retail-oriented products. If you guys like it here, make a site donation or order some Schaffer's blend. I will be doing so.

ps I have stuck with a 6000-8000 interval for synthetic oil for a long time. Now I do the same, except understand why most people change average dino at 3000, it sux.

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I can see right now we gotta quit putting all that caffein and nicotine in the oil as an additive (20,000 ppm).

Whoops! Did I release a bit of proprietary information???

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I now know the who what when and where of oils..

only thing it changed in my OIC practice is I now use Napa Gold filters. Still use Valv DB oil.
went from using..gasp!..fram filters and double gasp!!..valvoline all-climate oil to k&n and pennzoil. also recently, i used a supertech oil filter on the wifes aerostar with 140,000 miles. i wouldn't dared have bought one a year or so ago thinking they were a inferior product. i also use a 15w40 mixed fleet type oil in my summer lawn equipment and amsoil atm 10-30 in my fall and winter stuff, a walk behind yard vac with a chipper. penz.
i swear to the heavens though, i still, and fully know better, can't leave the 3 month or in my case, 2 thousand mile since new change intervals. i know. cringe. here comes the assault! but, i get the sneaky feeling, there is still alot of us on this site adhering to this practice, even though it's probably overkill and wasteful. penz
You guys already have to put up with a lot of long posts from me, which is what would be required to describe all the benefits I have realized since finding this site. Suffice it to say, that, the fun and silliness we've had with GC notwithstanding (I say that in a positive sense), this site has made me a much more astute oil and filter buyer (with your help, I now see through the hype) and it introduced me to products with which I was unfamiliar, like Schaeffers, Neutra, Lube Control and AutoRx. I am very much appreciative to all of you for sharing your insights, experience and advice and just wish more people on the "outside" would pay sufficient attention to the critical fluids they put in their automobiles. To all of you, "Thanks"...yes, even to those of you not bathed in the pale green light of true KNOW what I mean.
I'm not ashamed to say I've absolutely burned myself out on car care. Came real close to taking a ride in the padded white van (and probably would have been wondering what oil they ran).

I've gone the other my new Honda I'm going 5W-20 at 5k/6month intervals, and with my GM car I'm following the oil change light.

Choosing (dino) oils mainly based on the color of the bottle. Going Supertech filter all the way.

I'll keep you posted, if the BITOG site is around in 10-15 years we'll see if I'm an idiot or not...

Originally posted by Matt89:
I'll keep you posted, if the BITOG site is around in 10-15 years we'll see if I'm an idiot or not...


I would NEVER consider you an idiot...eccentric maybe...
I have used Mobil 1 5W30 all year long sine the early 80s (with drain intervals around 7K), so I have not changed my habits much.

However, I have learned a ton. Most importantly, I learned how little I knew about oil before this site, and how little I still know.

I just ordered two analsysis kits and a pump from Blackstone, so the real learning is about to begin. I have a brand new car, so I will have the opportunity to really learn what goes on inside the engine (no issues with grunge from prev oils to cloud the results).
It hasn't affected me but I now run M1 10W30 in the new lawnmower after 20 hours break in, it hasn't affected me. Yeah right.
I have learned a lot about oils. BB, (before BITOG) I had zero knowledge about basestocks or additives. I was suspicious of additives and I avoided Fram oil filters.

I knew there was some controversy about Castrol and other "Synthetics" but I did not know the particulars.

I ran Mobil 1 5w-30 for 7500 mile OICs in my 2001 4Runner and stayed with the 3000 mi. OICs in the wife's Soob. (It is still SO easy to change the oil in Soobs)

AB, Sheez I worry about this stuff way more than I probably should. I have stockpiled a slew of oil in a Patman-like desire to test it
. I've become more aware of the importance of cleaning the PCV valve regularly. I think about upper cylinder lubrication (how did i survive without this before). Flow versus Filtration....TBN....Gummie Bear odors....refgegthywghv
It has been enjoyable too!

I have learned a lot!
I used Valvoline and fram TG filters. Changed oil every 2,500 miles!

Now I use Napa Gold filters and Mobil 1 oil and also found out about Lube Control and Fuelpower which I now use!. I will see how the next several UOA's go and if there
is room for improvment I'll try something else untill I find the best combo! I think Mobil 1 and the Wix Combo will be a great combo and will not have to look for something better though.
P.S. I learned, importantly, Mobil 1 30 weights are kinda thin, especially for the Euro cars I service. ACTUAL viscosity is what matters, not the SAE "range".
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