Castrol GTX 5w-20 5qt no longer at Walmart

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Jun 10, 2004
SW Illinois.
Was looking for some Castrol GTX 5w-20 for the Taurus tonight and happened to ask the dept. mgr if there was any in back. He informed me that it won't be carried any longer, only the 1qt size in that weight.

Says they pulled the shelf tag last week.

Only choice there at that Walmart is the 4.xx per qt Pennz synthetic or the Pennz dino 5w-20 (1qt or 5qt).

Great, love to know the logic other than pushing the higher priced pennz dino of that weight.

Also, he said that the shelf tags for about 1/3 of the supertech oil filters are getting yanked in the first part of the week also. They only have about 15 stock #'s the way it is..
Read through some UOA's on the Pennzoil dino 5w20, seems like I recall it put up some pretty good numbers. If you have an Advance Auto nearby they put the 1 qt. GTX on sale every 3 months or so.
I have no problem with using the pennz dino, although it is about $1.25 higher per 5qt jug. I just try to stay away from the 1qt because I like to turn in the old oil and that just gets horribly messy to refill 5 bottles..

I'm picking up the pennz dino for an oil change today..

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