Can i use lawn mower oil in car engine?

Just curious, I did not look up the specific details of the garden oil, is this a detergent or non-detergent oil? Many of the small engines use non-detergent oils. On a frequent enough OCI in a car engine it probably is OK, but I think detergent oils are a much better choice. Also agree that even the modern synthetic blends are very good oils for relatively low cost.
Here is info of the Mobil garden oil that i have been thinking. It says it meets the SJ spec, so for an engine requiring at least SG, i think that might work, but im not sure since its "garden" oil. 🤔
The oil you linked to from Mobil, I'd have no worries about running it in your old car. API says SJ is good for 2001 and older engines. I also would run a synthetic too if that's what I had on the shelf.
My only concern would be -20C or lower starts, as a -36 pour point isn't great. If you are doing lots of -20C starts then I'd look for a 5W30, to be easier on oil pump and starter, and to help get the engine lubricated quickly.