Bears are back.

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Just had 2 HUGE brown bears break through my fence 10 minutes ago. They then proceeded into my neighbors yard where one picked up a soccer ball left in the yard (I'm not kidding).

This is really starting to [censored] me off. City/division of wild life says sorry, we can't do anything until they harm someone. "can I shoot them and take care of the problem myself?" Nope, against the law.

OK then, let 2 500 lb bears roam a heavily populated and congested area.
Had a friend with the same problem involving Mountain lions in another state....they got shot and buried.
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Invoke the Three S rule: Shoot, shovel and shut up.

And hope that the wildlife division hasn't put an electronic tag on them.
Can you get a hunting tag for them?

I've had a decent size black bear approach me in my woods a couple springs ago and it is a bit upsetting. It came within 40 yards or so just checking me out. The scary part was that it could hear me a mile away but still came that close. I've since read that I should've scared it off but at the time I just backed out of the woods to my house and went to load a couple slugs into the shotgun in case it came up after our chicken coop, it didn't
We haven't had any problems since then but I do listen abit more carefully out in the woods.
Probably a good tactic if the bears return is get a crossbow with some rubber tipped arrows, or maybe judo points although I wonder if they might penetrate. An arrow bounced off the noggin with 80 ft pounds of energy might give the bear a reason to go somewhere else...
I guess if you are really serious, you walk out there with your gun, yell at the bear to leave, and if it comes toward you then you are justified in defending yourself. I would have some serious firepower though for that game, no handguns, and you would have some explaining to do to the authorities.
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I thought this thread was about the Chicago Bears and acquiring Jay Cutler!


Good luck with Cutler!

I don't know if they are black or brown bears. The ones we've had this year are 1) HUGE, and 2) brown in color.

Nope, can't hunt bear in the city limits (even during hunting season. They won't trap them either.

You guys see the video of the bear that went through the doors of a Circuit City last year and caused all kind of damage? Yea, that was about 4 miles from my house!

I have a sliding glass door on my deck - I'm afraid the suckers are going to go through that. If they do, they're going to face some 12 gauge slug action.
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Does your homeowners insurance cover damage from bears?

If they won't cover floods, I doubt they cover bear damage!
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Do we have rubber bullet in the US? I think a few anti-riot rubber bullet and shot in the air should scare him/her off good.

Yes, even for shot guns. However, shooting a large bear with a bean bag or rubber slug............that'll just [censored] it off!

Seriously - all this talk of shooting them is just that - talk. I'd be arrested within the hour for killing them if there was no immanent harm.

Maybe I should do the Southpark thing and run out my door screaming "it's coming right for us!!"
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