Are people going off the deep end ?

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Apr 5, 2007
while mowing the lawn this evening ( due to earlier heat ) and nearing the end of it at what I thought was 8:30 P.M. I notice the neighor coming towards me from the front of his home across our driveway and onto our back yard to confront me about how his wife and him can't relax with lawnmower running at 8:50 . I said I didn't realize how late it was and I'll be done in 5 minutes or less . So he calls me every name in the book and sticks his middle finger right in my face . In return I say to get off our BLANKING property and he then calls me more choice words while walking away to his home and back inside . Others in our neighborhood mow lawn in the evening due to heat or other reasons and not a peep . We've had the same neighbors throw some mild insults at us in the past , but never expected this . Quite sure he had a few beers . We've seen him with a beer(s) many times and a bit tipsy on a few occasions . We try to be good neighbors and respect others privacy and property . Just can't win .
Well, Smokey, give the man a taste of island justice!

AFAIK unless there's a rule against it in your deed restrictions, you should have no problem. Disturbing the peace laws usually don't kick in till 10-11PM or so.

If I were you I'd never mow my grass at any other time than 9PM from now on. Every 4 days. Year Round. You might look at modifying the exhaust on your mower. Maybe carry a set of brass knuckles in your pocket just in case because you just never know when a wandering drunk might accost you.
it's a bit concerning not knowing what to expect next . Especially for the woman . Does get her riled up as well . She's had a serious health problem and the extra stress is not needed . She was sleeping inside at the time . So , didn't witness it . Best that she didn't . Told her of what went down when got inside . She was furious . He mildy called us tree huggers when we had the PRIUS . Just last week when he mowed lawn ( carries a beer as he uses push mower ) I noticed a few pieces of wood with nails ( 3> 4 inches long ) in the driveway and the yard after he was done . Many things have been said or done since we moved in . Have held it in best I could . Until earlier . Hopefully I won't explode next time I see him / them . Is a holiday weekend coming up and they'll be outside partying . Usually the case every year .
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Set up a camera as "back up" in case he decides to get physical. Tell them to call the cops if they think you're making too much noise, likewise, you'll call the cops if they are trespassing or publicly intoxicated. You can mow your own darn yard whenever you want....I say if it's within half an hour of sunset (heck, even if it sets at 10pm depending on where you are), it's fair game. If gardeners here can mow and use blowers at 6am, then 8:50pm is no big deal.
That's what trips me out about people these days. So quick to flip out over something as tiny as a lawnmower running at (almost) 9 pm. Make a small mistake by accidentally cutting someone off in traffic and you might get shot over it. Americans are seriously over-worked, over-caffeinated, over-stressed, over-armed, over-broke, and over-tired. That makes for some serious kindling in what should be a small, forget about it type infraction.

I would say just mind your own business, mowing the lawn at 9pm is no crime, especially in the heat of the summer. If this guy continues to wig out, a call to the police may be in order. Tell them he's been making threats against you and your property. No reason to get all Dirty Harry, that only works in the movies. This guy sounds like a class 1 [censored].
called police for advice . Said can't do a thing . Even if on our property . Has to hit me first to prosecute .
Go passive aggressive. Next time do it at 9:15pm. When he comes stomping over look like you don't understand him. What? Who? Can't hear ya. The mower's too loud! Then turn off the mower. When he's done ranting ..just say "Oh. I see" ..and "Have a nice evening". Repeat.

You can consult AudiJunkie for more passive aggressive tricks. It's work, but can provide some serious satisfaction for the effort.
My guess it's not really the time you mowed, but the frequency of the mowing. Are you one of these guys who mows 100 times a year? I see people saying, "oh it's MY yard, I can do whatever I want". Well, yeah but the noise goes *outside* your yard. Make a silent mower or contain the noise from your thing and you shure can do whatever you want. Doesn't you neighbour have any rights? If so, what exactly are they?

I have a single theory that address all things nusinance/noise related. If you can't do "your thing" w/o disturbing your neighbours, then you don't have enough room to do "your thing", and should move to Montana ranch. Read up, you know who your are- not happy without some motorized implement running.

fwiw, I do all my landscaping by hand.
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If gardeners here can mow and use blowers at 6am, then 8:50pm is no big deal.

I know that's right. That's the real crime.

I'll be the third Houstonian to affirm that.
8:50pm is not that late, but definitely I could understand how it annoyed someone. For him to flip the bird and call you name just because you won't stop isn't the nicest thing to do, but if I were you I would try not to escalate the issue any further. Having a nice neighbor is worth the extra trouble of doing the mowing at another time.

Maybe do it 8am in the morning next time, and if he complains, tell him to mow it for you.
once a week . Mostly during the daytime . Very seldom do I mow that late . We had to go see lawyer about a will earlier . Coincidence ? ;- )
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Did a bunch of posts just disappear from this thread? It's late, but I don't think I'm crazy...

Someone unzipped and made demands.
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Did a bunch of posts just disappear from this thread? It's late, but I don't think I'm crazy...

Someone unzipped and made demands.

Yeah, I was hoping I didn't just imagine that part of the conversation...
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