API ratings in relation to Dexos2?

If you worry about the manual, then stick with their grade recommendation too :rolleyes:

Whatever Hyundai recommends isn't going to save your engine. A recommendation isn't a requirement.

What you use depends on your unknown location. I would take any 5w40 from walmart/napa/autozone/oreilly/carquest/advance and not worry about ANY of the API or ACEA.
I'm in Canada but the vehicle is only driven in the summer so +28c average temperatures.

Should I not be concerned with avoiding LSPI via oil ratings since it's T-GDI?

I'm thinking Pennzoil platinum euro 5w40 is likely a safe bet?
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No LSPI concern.... wasn't really a theta2 issue. Be more concerned with intake valve deposits and consider a yearly IVD spraying.
Your fuel choice should keep the pistons, injectors, and combustions chambers clean, which is most of the battle. Consumers are the cause of most issues with pathetic fuels and maintenance intervals.

Pennzoil, Valvoline, Mobil, Castrol.... all make excellent 5w40's.
To clear up some misinformation.

Dexos 2 is both a gasoline and diesel spec. It is a spec called for in some US manufactured gasoline engines as well. I own one.

Dexos 2 DOES include a test for lspi...

That said API SP calls for more than just LSPI mitigation. It also includes chain wear mitigation among others

Follow your mamuals recommendation if you want to comply with warranty and also with what the engineers want in your engine.

Choosing a United States top tier fuel while helpful for many things will not directly mitigate LSPI.
Correct, the fuel has never been shown to have a correlation to LSPI. Many people confuse pre-ignition knock with LSPI.

Also the warranty is not predicted on the manual recommendation.