Anyone have a Bosch Dishwasher?

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I think they are all made poorly and to fail. Bad design and cheap parts. Just replaced my electronic board on mine and not all buttons work despite that. Went from useless to semi functional for a 250$ part. (Thankfully I got one for 75). Now im guessing the touchpad is the cause of half the buttons not working. Thats another 250$..Next stop for this is the middle of the street and pictures of it to Whirlpool. Not just that, its a kitchenaid unit. Pure junk, used to swear by whirlpool but it seems the quality has gone even lower. Cant have stuff last even 10 years? Really? My parents replaced their dishwasher a year ago..their old one...died at the young age of 37 with no issues til last far we have come...all this talk of environment should be forced on the big corps to make better stuff.
We just bought a Bosch 500 series.
Cleans great! Of course a good detergent is more important than anything else.

It is totally silent.

However, I don't like how the tines are angled too much.
The 3rd (top) rack is really handy.

Inlaws have had a 800 series for over 10 years. No problems.
The Bosch machines are quite good, but do not always accommodate large items like crock pots or large pots. Just research it, and take your dishes in and do a trial. Just run the Auto cycle, not normal. I do however agree to splurge and buy a Miele. You will never look back. Our next machine will likely be a Miele. They have impeccable build quality and design. Just be sure to use rinse aid in any new machine as they really don't "dry". The new KitchenAid machines use very low temperatures, while the Miele and Bosch heat the water somewhat high for the rinses.
Get a Miele.

We are replacing an 18 year old Miele with another Miele.

They are well built, exceptionally quiet, and calling the manufacturer actually connects you with folks who know what they are doing and want to help (located in New Jersey I believe).

They also hold more dishes than any other dishwasher I've seen - meaning you will run less loads.

You do need to watch what goes in it - rinse particles off the dishes before loading - not sauces and such. Otherwise you will learn quickly to clean the filter and spray arms... Ask us how we know

Once you figure it out, they are worth every penny.
We have a Maytag quite series 300 built in Newton, Iowa about 12 years old,works great!. Had the Maytag washer repaired 2 week ago,repairman said all new Maytag are JUNK,since Whirlpool purchased them 5 years ago!
Family of 5 and it is run 1.25 times per day likely. Mustering on 10 year old mark. No issues.

It washes incredibly and yes steam dries which if your water is somewhat hard you get white residue on dishes more then a standard one. We got a softer and never looked back as the water was horrific. A miss on my part not getting water tested at prepurchase of home.
Still using a 27yr old Maytag Jet-Clean DW. I don't pre-rinse either, just scrape the plates. I do have a water softener. Makes a big difference! About every 2 months, I rinse the interior screen and insure the spray arms are free of debris (mostly garlic pieces).

Had to replace an internal seal earlier this year, but it's now back to full spray pressure.

Mine does vent steam through the front door. What idiot would design it to vent inside the cabinet??? Excellent mold incubator!

Anyway you can rig a small duct to direct it in front?
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12 loads a week!? How many people in your house?

2 of us in my house and it gets run once a week, maybe twice.

12 loads a week for yours means it’s done almost 1,300 loads of wash. Not bad.

I forgot I also have run a keyboard thru the dishwasher, and I run my CPAP masks and humidifier chamber thru there once a week by themselves. In the winter I run parts from our house humidifier thru there as well.

We have done exhaustive research and the units that kept coming out on top for us are the BOSCH and the MEILE. Now I truly believe the Meile blows everything else out of the water, but we live in a one horse town (low taxes!) in Indiana. When you go to the parts store if what you are needing is not off a pickup truck they act like they are doing you a favor. See where I am going?

Ok, the nearest meile dealer is 75 miles away, they have a few on display but not many. The next option was to take a trip to downtown Chicago and go to a Miele Experience center. My wife wasn't keen on the Mieles layout over the Bosch and both of us would prefer to see it in person before we buy it. Sooo....

We went for the Bosch 800 series, which I ordered from lowes, which is only 35 miles away. They will have to order it from the manufacturer which we figured because no one in their right mind in 2018 would get a 1000.00 dishwasher in the color white, anybody who is anybody has stainless.

You See our house looks like the conners from the old tv show Rosanne and stainless would actually make us look poorer than we already Ok its not quite that bad but its a 1970s kitchen and while it has aged better than most with a refresh in the early 1990s, its still not going to make it into better homes and gardens. White looks much better in our kitchen.

We will see how it goes. The miele looked great as far as the build, but my wife liked the third rack on the bosch much better. It was hard not actually having the two side by side to compare, we were going off specs found on mieles website.

The other thing is we may be here for another 6 months, or 30 years. We simply dont know. So longevity possibly wont matter.
I must also note that while at lowes I looked at the floor displays that were marked down that were sitting out in the aisle, not in a cabinet. All of the Kitchen Aide, Whirlpools and a Maytag had the same terrible fill mechanism that leaks steam into the cabinet space that ours does.

I believe they use that poor design on all of their dishwashers, including the top of the line.

Maytag has a fix for it as I noted in a previous comment, and that is to put a plastic sheet over the cabinet to keep it from getting water damaged. Ok, great, but that will still allow moisture to wet the insulation blanket. Then where will the moisture go? The floor?

On the Bosch unit they seem to have a similar setup but with a condensation trap and loop that runs the condensation back down to the drain.

I will post more on all this later. There are untold numbers of these Maytag/Whirlpool/Kitchen Aide (Never Again!) units ruining peoples cabinets and possible causing a breeding ground for mold and the fix is a plastic sheet.....

It appears they are still cranking these junk units out with no change in design.
When our 3 year old Frigidaire DW died, we broke down and got a Bosch...only had it for 3 months before we sold the house so I can't speak to its longevity, but it surely was an improvement on the dumb Frigidaire.

There is some irony in the acronym for dishwasher (DW) is the same as darling wife(DW) but I should probably not tell her that...the couch is uncomfortable.
We have a 2 month old Kitchenaid and so far so good. I am a little concerned about this venting the steam out of the side so I’m watching it like a hawk. It’s quiet, cleans ok I guess, but it’s nothing compared to the 10 year old d/w I let go when the door switch disintegrated. She wanted a new d/w, not me. Hope it doesn’t ruin our cabinets......
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