Another Weekly Liver Meal

Aug 16, 2019
I bought some more grass fed beef liver and it's the best I've ever had.
One type of liver had too much gristle, then another type smelled bad when it was raw, though it was OK cooked, but not great.
But this was real good liver. Fried in coconut oil with onion, garlic, cabbage, yellow squash, and green plantain.
From now on I will buy all my liver from this source.
IMHO, the store bought commercial liver also tasted quite good, and was tender.
My weekly liver meal seems to do me good. I really believe it supplies some things I need and for that reason, it always tastes good to me bc I know it does me good. I always seem to feel good after a liver meal like this. And I digest it well.
Please, if it makes you feel like vomiting, don't tell us so.
This is all about eating nutrient dense foods to balance your body.