Amsoil 20w-50

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Jul 31, 2003
I just ordered some Amsoil 10w-30 and received some series 2000 20w-50 racing oil instead. I guess I shouldn't complain much, but I really don't have an application for such a heavy oil. Could I use this as a passenger car oil? It looks pretty thin at room temp, is it closer to a 10w-50? I wanted the 10w-30 to run in my truck (F150 with 4.2L V6) for the rest of the year. 20w-50 would be way to heavy for the cooler months right? What about the add package? I imagine that since its a race oil, the TBN and wear adds are low, but its packed with friction modifiers. BTW _ I called Amsoil customer service and the woman on the phone was very rude and not very helpful. I hope this is not gonna be a trend.
Thanks Pablo! Actually I became a dealer thinking that I could learn more about Amsoil, get it at dealer cost and make a few pennies on the side. I don't really plan on making much money, but I want to try quite a few of their products in my vehicles and some of my friend's. I called Amsoil's customer service and they issued a call tag. This time I got somebody on the phone who was very friendly and helpful. But basically I was just wondering if I should keep it or not. It is after all, $9 a qrt at retail price, when I paid dealer cost on ATM. I also thought the oil looked very thin to be a 20w, so I thought I'd give it a try. But I feel more comfortable starting with the 10w-30 ATM and working from there. Thanks again!
At the price I would have been tempted myself. Maybe after a few more miles on your vehicle! As I stated...but year round here, probably isn't anywhere near as cold as MA! (Maybe, just maybe a night or two in the teens...) I REALLY like that oil, and it gets so little play here.
Last year I used 20W50 and it was ok. My oil temp never went higher than 100C even during solo races. this weekend I will pick up S2000 20W50 and see if it is any better. for my daily driven Golf I rather use the 5W40.
Who did you buy these from? Your dealer should help you. If you got the wrong product, then it's as simple as a UPS pick-up tag. I'm willing to help any customer, if you want to PM with your order #, etc, I'll see what I can do..... The Series 2000 20W-50 does have a decent add pack, but isn't designed for more than a 2x OCI. It is indeed closer to a 10W-50. I have used it year around in my car and my Toyota truck. (It worked great in the 22RE)
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