Olds 455 - 10w-60 Engine Oils (Redline & Pennzoil Synthetics)

The 350 Olds diesel blocks make a great race engine platform. Will except big bore and is a thick reinforced block to begin with. Most were in the bone yard after 3 or 4 years so hard to find now…
Even in diesel form they're pretty robust. I don't know how their gasoline counter-part compares but....

A co-worker Leonid, had an Olds 88 diesel. I walked out to the parking lot after work one Monday afternoon and noticed a puddle of oil and a trail leading out of the parking lot.

I figured someone must have done an oil change during lunch hour (or something) and threw the filter in the trash drum. Later, Gene (custodian) dumped the trash into the dump truck (as usual) and drove everything to the dump (not knowing that the filter was dribbling oil on the way there).

I drove out the gate and followed the oil trail out to the highway towards San Juan Bautista. At the end of the oil trail was the ACDelco filter on the side of the road. Must have fallen off during the drive to the dump. 🤷‍♂️

A few days later, Leo asked if I new anyone willing to work on an Olds diesel.

"What happened?"
"I changed the oil this weekend and the filter fell off yesterday and the engine fried."
"That was YOUR filter!" :LOL:
"Sorry Leo, I didn't mean to laugh."

Leo got to US-101 on ramp before it seized up. The filter fell off 3 miles from the parking lot (red arrow). The engine seized 5 miles later. The filter must have been dripping from Salinas when Leo left for work that morning.


A few weeks pass and Leo is driving a black, 1992 Toronado. (y)