Alright, D1300S seems like a winner in the Saturn

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Nov 13, 2002
After 3 Auto-RX treatments on my 165k mile Saturn I decided to go for a good non-synthetic oil. I ended up getting Mobil Delvac 1300 Super. When I first got this car and tried a 10w40 oil in it(with a fram x2 filter incodentally) the engine made a funny high pitched sound which I contributed to the weight of the oil. I then discovered auto-rx. I've since run 3 treatments of the RX including one on Castrol GTX 10w40 and Mobil1 0w40. Ever since the cleaning the engine no longer makes the noise with the 40wt oils. There seems to be no issue with the 15w40 in the saturn(at least in this weather). But, I'll probably go D1 for the winter since it's better with the cold temps. I'll try to get a sample of this stuff sent out after 3-4k miles or so to see how it does and if I can extend the interval some.

At any rate, my car seems to run well on the Delvac 1300S 15w40 oil.

seems to be doing well, consumption is normal and the car appears to be running well. I'll keep ya posted.


p.s. I just remembered I forgot the maint dose of RX, I'll probably get that in there later.
I don't run 5-30 in anything I own. My Wife's Saturn (01SL2) gets 5-40 Delvac 1, and I change it every 10,000 mi. Car only has 47,000 on it, but has not used oil between changes. I believe that 5-30 is strictly for CAFE requirements, and the EPA forced the reduction of Phosphorous and Zinc because they know these lighter weight oils will blow by more in most engines. I think the higher levels of Zinc and Phosphorous are still necessary in spite of improved lubricants. I haven't experimented with cars, but I can tell you that in my service trucks, it doesn't make any gas mileage difference if I run 5-30, 5-40, or 15-40. I haven't used 20-50 in anything in years, but I'll bet you could use it in just about any engine if you need to control oil burning. Oil burning will add to carbon build-up, which will in turn cause detonation. My vote is for going to a heavier oil, if necessary, as an engine ages.
I am going to run Schaeffer's 5W30 in my Saturn, along with 3 oz. of Auto-RX. If I don't like the Schaeffer's, then I will probably go to Mobil 1 5W40 or Delvac 5W40 if I can find it.

I think that I will probably like the Schaeffer's Oil, however. I tried the Schaeffer's 132 and it is great. I also tried Neutra which seems to greatly increase my gas mileage. I don't think I will need 132 in the Schaeffer's Oil. The Neutra is going to be my fuel system cleaner and UCL of choice.
this car seems to like the 40wt oils. Maybee schaffers 5/10w30 with 132 in it would yield similar results.

Or Schaeffer's #700 15W-40....

The cold cranking results of the #700 show that it would be an 8W-40 if there was such a thing, which there isn't.

All oil rated API-SL have the 0.1% phosphorus limit, including your Delvac 1. The zinc is combined with the phosphorus in the ZDDP, an antiwear agent, so it's not separate from the phosphorus.

hmm, I should get schaeffers 15w40 then. It'd probably be better cold starting.

Ken2 Every manufacturer that will post their #s still lists their deisel engine oils at about 1.3 to 1.5 on the zinc and phospherous. This is even though they are using the SL designtion. I have always understood that only the lower viscosities (5-30 and 10-30)must have the 1% limits in order to use the SL designation. I just checked Chevron again. Mobil didn't post the properties last time I checked. I beleive they will e-mail out results though------Alex
I'm gonna need an e-check soon, this oil shouldn't affect the numbers on something like that should it? I'd really hate to fail something like that. I may have to get a real cat put on also(it did pass with a hollow one last time tho). I'd imagine the Auto-RX treatments should help that even more.

I just noticed my car is now making a high pitched noise at higher RPMS where it didn't used to. Should I get this stuff out of here and go back to M1 0w40?

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