All food consumed in one day

I had three almond flour pancakes* and strawberry sauce** for lunch.

*almond flour, chia seeds, eggs, a dash of salt) with chia seeds, fried in a non-stick ceramic pan with a little avocado oil (flavor-neutral)

**strawberries, water, and a dash of inulin brought to a boil and reduced to a compote-like consistency

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Dinner gives me cat food vibes. Shirataki noodles, shredded daikon, tun, and a little pico de gallo. Radish is a natural diuretic and since I indulged in beer I wanted to shed some water. Nobody likes eye bags. Besides, I like daikon and tuna.

He looks like he’s in the classic physique category. No bubble gut. I have no idea how to evaluate the extreme form of muscular development.
It's subjective.
The holy grail is the X-Frame.
Wide shoulders that taper down to a wasp waist and narrow hips,
big round upper quads that flare out and down to small knees.
Bodybuilding at it's best is an illusion. If a person has long muscle bellies with low insertion points attached to small joints, they look way bigger than they actually are.

It's not so much evaluation, it's something your brain computes the instant it sees a person.
Case in point...Ramon Dino.