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Vavavroom: what are your thoughts on chia seeds and hemp seeds? Thank You
Both are nutritionally exceptional but they have a lot of calories. A tablespoon or two is more than enough to get the benefits. I use these things as additives. Make sure you have enough fluid with chia seeds which are rather hydrophilic and can clump up and cause intestinal blockages if consumed without enough liquid. The liquid /chia ratio should be >4:1. Stir a tablespoon of chia into a cup of water and check how thick the mixture gets within 10 minutes.
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Early dinner. The evolution of the pig in a blanket has arrived. Gone is the puff pastry. I took a slice of Serial Killer Dave's bread and rolled it out thin with a rolling pin. I also sprinkled the bread liberally with sesame seeds. I then brushed the bread with eggwash, placed the uncured beef sausage on the bread and rolled the piggy up. I brushed the whole thing with eggwash on the outside and pan-fried it in a little avocado oil. I also fried the remaining egg and that along with pico de gallo and the ever-present Polish salad and a little mustard was all I needed.

Thai for lunch. The appetizer was raw tuna in a garlicky sauce, mango, and avocado with fried wonton. That's a wanton amount of wonton. The main dish was rice noodles with arthropods, broccoli, and egg.