2012 Suburban oil and filter recommendations

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Jul 19, 2014
Here are the essential points:

2012 Chevy Suburban 4x4LT with 5.3 FlexFuel

Recommended -

Dexos1 AC Delco Synthetic blend 5W-30

When oil life indicator on dash says or every 3k

We live in eastern Kentucky on the border with West Virginia.

Daily commute is 2 miles but this is our travel vehicle. Every other weekend is a 300 mile round trip Does occasionally tow a boat(4k lbs) once a month, not real hard pulls but Terrain is hilly. I drive fast, but she drives majority of the time and is is a speed limit person.

No known problems.

Have been going about 5k in between oil changes when oil life indicator says so.

Like to keep it there. We have a Advanced Auto, Autozone, NAPA, Walmart, and GM dealer local.

Would prefer to buy local, but am up for best bang for the buck.
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A 5,000 mile OCI should be OK, given your 300 mile round-trip (every other weekend) that should burn-off contaminants / unburned byproducts (from short-trips) in the oil.
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