10/30 Micro Moly-Schaeffers # 306

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Jun 4, 2002
Is anyone using this oil as a alternative to the OTC Dino's like Castol and Pennzoil ect? The Cold crank pressure is a good bit lower than what I have seen, the HTHS is there plus your sure to get the Moly :)And a flash point of 446 F which is dang good for a SL rated dino! I am going to order some and give it a try in a couple of the older cars here.It has gotta be some good stuff concidering who makes it.The price is right as well [Cool] 5/30 version is available as well. [ October 16, 2002, 08:14 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
The Schaeffer's blend is so cost effective though, I wonder why you'd go with their conventional oil though? Although it would be interesting to see how it holds up, so we do need a guinea pig. [Smile]
Originally posted by Patman: The Schaeffer's blend is so cost effective though, I wonder why you'd go with their conventional oil though? Although it would be interesting to see how it holds up, so we do need a guinea pig. [Smile]
Patman, he would just be one of many thousands of (guinea pigs as you say) to use it. I sell just as much of schaeffer's conventional or maybe more than the blends. I use that same one in two of my cars. And like the Moly Bond, I personally think it holds up just as good as the blends. I was going two and a half times longer than the manual said with a Volvo dump truck. with analysis to back it up. [Coffee]
I bought 5 quarts of this stuff (well, the 10W40) for my brother's Kawasaki Ninja. He was using Castrol GTX 10W40 (I didn't know it had a trace of moly in it) and I was concerned that the emission-friendly automotive oil wasn't adequately protecting his gearbox which shares a sump with the engine. I would have preferred to get him the synthetic blend but he is old school and never uses "synthetics." so I decided on the Micron Moly formula. The Micron Moly oil was $2.75 per quart from Texarkana Tim while the 7000 Synthetic Blend with moly was only $3.00. The increase in price is negligible. I would have preferred to get him the 15W40 blend which should have been a perfect weight of oil for a bike calling for a 10W40 conventional. --- Bror Jace
David, I guess I meant he would be the guinea pig on this board [Smile] But like Bror said, the price difference is so minimal, it almost makes no sense NOT to run the blend.
Well the OTC oils are really jumping in price it seems. I saw the Valvoline Max Life for example at 2.39 a quart the other day. I see the topic oil as a very good alternative for engines not needing a blend. I personally would choose the #306 oils over the OTC Group III's and not for price reasons with that said I don't think I would be shortcutting a engine in using the 306, more like giving the engine a better oil and the Schaeffers Blends are even better imo. As David has said, I am not in the minority here. [Smile] Looks to be a very good oil the 306 [Cool] Times are a changing,it is not a problem to phone order a oil,it really is a bit easier for me and with a motor that holds 4-5 quarts the price difference is no big deal,especially for what you get in return. Just eat a Tuna sandwich that day instead of going to Mc Donalds and the price is evened up [Wink] Might help the old Colestorol as well [Eek!] Bror, If you out there,I would assume your Brothers bike shifts better with this oil and consumption should be down a bit. Has he said anything about it?
Bob I had not looked at the data sheet on that oil until now. It has a cold pump close to what most of the OTC Dino 5/30's has and yet is a 15/40 ! How many miles will it have on the clock when tested?
4000 miles,same as the blend I have tested prior to change over to this. Difference will be, I had been running the blend with a M1 filter, and this one I have the cheapest fram filter on there at this time.
dragboat, I don't think he's changed his oil yet (since labor Day). He's probably waiting for the last riding day of the year ... hopefully. [Roll Eyes] He's smarter than to consider leaving the old oil (filled with corrosives) in the bike all winter long ... I think. [Wink] I'm just concerned that the oil might make his clutch slip. I know different bikes are more or less picky about slippage. I guess I'll hear from him if there's a problem. [Dummy!] --- Bror Jace
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