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    Anyone with a newer Honda J35 V6 engine? I have

    I know at a Local Dealer they do oil and filter on both the A and B services, i figure, the filter is cheap, might as well just do both and not worry about it.
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    WM offers lens polishing -- good deal?

    You can buy the stuff walmart uses, they used to use that crystal view kit (they sell for 20 bucks in the department) but now use the 3m kit (they also sell for about 20 bucks in the department). I've used both, the crystal view kit is a little more work but I believe it says it has a lifetime...
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    Should i buy the $49 Universal CATalytic Conv?

    in my experience catalytic converters rarely are the cause of a problem but the effect of a different issue is what kills them. on an 84 your probably would be ok to use a generic cat. con. its the newer chevy's that seem to be really picky and throw codes with the wrong cat con. If it were my...
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    Help with Stuck Oil Filter on an Impreza

    the best oil filter wrench I've ever used is one of these <a href="" title="httpwwwamazoncomWorldsBestUniversalFilterWrenchdpB000UD0CTQrefsr11ieUTF8ampqid1299040937ampsr81"...
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    Clean those headlights!

    I agree with cleaning the lenses, I saw a jeep cherokee with lenses so bad you couldn't see the bulb, after cleaning it looked like new (they had it done at wally world). If you get the silver packet that walmart sells for like $20 by the light bulbs it is the same as the packet they use in the...
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    Valvoline NextGen recycled oil

    My local walmart (utah) is going to carry the Valvoline NextGen in a Maxlife formulation this coming week. I asked the manager about it he said it was going to run between 4 and 5 dollars a quart... at least it has a nifty green bottle
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    Tire dilemma...need your advice

    ever since seeing a defective tire tag on a tire ready to be sold as a used tire, I would not buy used tires. until you mount and air up the tire you may not notice a goose egg, or a belt problem, or even slight out of round conditions. I'd say your best bet is to use your spare for the...
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    Carb Cleaner vs. Brake Cleaner as a parts cleaner

    from what I understand Carb Cleaner has a lubricant in it and brake cleaner does not? I've noticed a white film after carb cleaner drying and not with brake cleaner. anyone else notice that or just me? I use brake clean for a cleaner, carb clean for carbs
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    Cars you regret getting rid off

    1969 Mustang Coup 250ci inline 6 dark green and the factory gt package (hood scoop, grille lights, and matte hood paint) original green interior too. Miss that car every day just about, was my first car, but the thing got like 20 MPG though you could only run premium in it. 1994 S10 Blazer 2...
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    Catalytic Converter Replacement

    after market catalytic converters can be a tricky thing, as there is a lot of them. In my experience GM vehicles were a lot more picky when it came to after market catalytic converters, I know eastern catalytic converters make a special universal designed specially for GM vehicles ( ECO GM )...
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    Noisy Ford PS Pumps

    The noisy ford pump has always bugged me some, I've heard that a power steering additive has helped if not more or less cure it. I think BG makes a good power steering conditioner that seemed to work well in my experience
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    How often do you balance tires?

    I balance my tires at every rotation, I do this because despite popular belief tires can spin on the rim (even if so slightly) and this throws off the balance. balance can effect the wear on the tires as well. some tires are more prone to this than others. Besides, I have free balance and...
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    Sunoco oil in glass bottles?

    I actually have a glass oil bottle on a shelf, too bad the logo is long gone, but otherwise its in decent shape, it even has a very tiny blip of oil left in it
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    secondary air pump code - P0411 - Workaround?

    I would be careful when dealing with emissions components, if your state has emissions testing and see any of the components missing of not functioning/hooked up they can fail your vehicle. I have seen it before, even had one poor kid buy a car with a swapped motor in it, he had to buy all the...
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    Ijust remembered why I don't like taking my car to

    I always laugh when people think that the ASE certified master tech is the one who changes their oil at the dealership, most cases (most not all) the c-tech or lube tech does it, who in many (many not all) cases is more or less as well trained as the kid at a quick lube. I've had dealership oil...